How to Become a Lucky Person

How to Become a Lucky Person: picture of a lucky tree

If you’ve clicked on this post, chances are you, like many others, are curious about the secrets of luck and how to become a luckier person.

It’s undeniable that some individuals always seem to have good fortune on their side. They always get the good things, luck happens to them all the time, and they seem to live life more easily, with things just flowing for them. On the other hand, some of us may feel like we’re constantly plagued by bad luck or simply stuck in mediocrity, with rare moments of luck sprinkled in here and there. 

So, what sets apart an average person from someone who is consistently lucky? Today, let’s dive deep into this topic and explore whether there truly is a formula for how to become a lucky person.

How to Become a Lucky Person: picture of a lucky tree

Helen Hadsell and her view on how to become a lucky person:

Who is Helen Hadsell:

Helen Hadsell (1925-2010), is just a normal woman, who is popular for her ability to consistently win contests and attract desirable prizes. People often refer to her as the name of “Queen of Contesting”. 

Her wins included cars, trips, cash prizes, and even a house. Her remarkable streak of success gained attention and sparked curiosity among others, leading to widespread interest in her methods.

How to Become a Lucky Person: Helen and her prize
Helen on the left with one of her prize: a sewing machine

Helen won several prizes when she started entering many different contest, but things got big when she won a fully furnished house in a national contest.

Along with the house, Helen had several wins where she received brand new cars as prizes. These wins included different makes and models, showcasing her consistent success in automotive contests.

She also won numerous trips and vacations to various destinations around the world. From tropical getaways to adventurous excursions, she had the opportunity to explore and experience different parts of the globe through her contest wins.

How to Become a Lucky Person: picture of a resort

Alongside the more significant wins, Helen also won a variety of household items through different contests. These prizes ranged from appliances and furniture to electronics and decorative pieces.

That was really impressive right?

Helen’s method for becoming a lucky person:

So what made Helen Hadsell such a lucky person?
In 1959, Helen Hadsell found inspiration in Norman Vincent Peale’s book, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” which she credited as a significant factor in her subsequent success.

After reading the book, she embarked on a journey of entering and winning contests. Her first triumph was winning an outboard motor in a Coca Cola-sponsored contest. From there, her winning streak continued as she secured more valuable prizes including a full furnished house and many trips around the world.

how to become a lucky person: a banner of prizes

Helen Hadsell shared that her method centers around 5 key points: positive mindset, visualization, affirmations, focus and intetion, action and persistence.

She believed that by aligning her thoughts, intentions, and actions with her desired outcomes, she could attract luck and success into her life. 

Her approach revolved around the idea that one’s mindset and belief in their own luck played a crucial role in shaping their reality.

Helen was so into visualization, which involved vividly imagining herself achieving her desired outcomes. She would visualize the specific details of her wins, such as receiving the prize or experiencing the desired outcome. By visualizing success, she aimed to manifest it into reality.

how to become a lucky person: a woman is imagining

But I want to emphasize again that positive thinking, visualization, and affirmations alone will not be enough.

Helen Hadsell’s success was also driven by her consistent participation in a wide range of contests, which played a crucial role in her achievements. It’s important to take action and put yourself out there by actively engaging in opportunities that increase your exposure to luck.

This is a short clip of Helen hadsell talking about her method of how to become a lucky person:

In conclusion, Helen Hadsell’s luck stemmed from her right mindset and consistent actions. Her story serves as a reminder that a combination of a positive mindset and consistent, purposeful actions can pave the way for extraordinary outcomes.

Scientific approach on how to become a lucky person:

Now we come to other different approach about how to become a lucky person.

There is a book that’s popular on this topic, which is: “The Luck Factor: The Scientific Study of the Lucky Mind” by Richard Wiseman.

In this book, the author presents findings from extensive research and interviews conducted with both lucky and unlucky individuals.

Wiseman argues that luck is not purely a matter of chance, but rather a product of mindset and behavior.

how to become a lucky person: a woman is smiling big

He identifies four key principles that contribute to creating and maximizing luck: creating and noticing chance opportunities, listening to intuition, adopting a positive mindset, and effectively coping with adversity.

You can see that this formula is largrly similar to Helen’s method mentioned earlier.

It shares the same essential components: a positive mindset, actively putting yourself out there to increase exposure to opportunities, and consistent actions (including effectively coping with adversity).

One thing Wiseman mentioned in his book that is worth noticed is listening to your intuition. According to many lucky people got interviewed, intuition can be seen as a subconscious wisdom that guides us towards favorable outcomes. It may present itself as a gut feeling, an inner knowing, or a sense of resonance with a particular choice or path.

how to become a lucky person: the word"intuition"

I want to share with you a story from the book about the power of intuition. There was about a woman named Sarah who was searching for a new job. After months of unsuccessful applications and interviews, she came across a job posting that seemed perfect for her. However, her intuition gave her a strange feeling about the company, despite the attractive job description.

Sarah decided to trust her intuition and conducted further research on the company. She discovered some alarming information about its financial instability and a history of mistreating employees. Despite her initial excitement, she decided to withdraw her application.

how to become a lucky person: a woman is using her laptop

A few weeks later, Sarah learned that the company went bankrupt and left many employees without jobs or unpaid wages. By listening to her intuition and trusting her gut feeling, Sarah avoided a potentially devastating situation and saved herself from unnecessary hardship.

There are many other book title you can read to learn about how to become a lucky person. A few suggestions include: 

“Luck: Understanding Luck and Improving the Odds” by Barrie Dolnick,

“The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing” by Michael J. Mauboussin

“You Are Lucky: How to Get What You Want by Creating Your Ideal Life” by Chris McNeeney

Bottom line:

In conclusion, there are valuable insights we can gain from stories like Helen Hadsell’s and scientific studies like those presented in “The Luck Factor” by Richard Wiseman.

In the end, I believe luck is more than just a matter of chance. A person who decides to stay in bed all day cannot expect to get lucky compared to someone who puts themselves out there every day. Similarly, mindset is a crucial factor as everything starts in our mind. If we don’t believe in ourselves first, we will never see those beliefs materialize in real life. 

Let me know in the comments what you think about these ideas, and I would love to learn what has worked for you so far on your journey towards luck.

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