French country cottage decorating ideas that will melt your heart!

French country cottage decorating ideas: a reclaimed wood mirror

I find joy in many things, but nothing quite compares to immersing myself in the beauty of a stunning house or interior design that fits my personal style. I made myself a vision board with my French country cottage decorating ideas as the centerpiece. This aesthetic has always been my heart’s desire, and I’m excited to share it with you today.

Trust me, the sight of a French country cottage, complete with its charming furniture and accessories, has a way of melting away stress and transporting you to a peaceful, romantic countryside.

Join me as we explore the beauty of this design style and perhaps find inspiration to add a few French vintage touches to your own home. So, let’s begin! (You can blame me this is shopping therapy, but it’s worth it!!!)

What is French country cottage style?

French country cottage is a desgin style that focuses on the charming and rustic  aspects of the house, inspried from the homes in French country. 

If I have to say, french country style is a beautiful mix between vintage and rustic elements. To me, this style always exudes a strong feminine aspect.

French country cottage decorating ideas - a beautiful cottage

So, how do you incorporate the french country cottage decorating ideas to your home?

This style typically features a mix of vintage and antique pieces with natural materials such as wood, stone, and linen. Colors tend to be neutral with a lot of whites, creams, and soft pastels, and patterns often include floral prints and toile. 

French country cottage decorating ideas that will melt your heart!

Take a look at this simple night stand table here. It is made of wooden materials with a natural finish, giving it a timeless and classic look which is very typical in french country style.

Furniture is often distressed or painted in light colors and features curved lines and feminine details.

French country cottage decorating ideas - a night stand made by wood

From graceful curves to an iconic distressed finish, this French Country Accent Table offers a French country inspiration for your home. Elegance meets a rustic country touch to bring your interior space together with old-world character.

Similarly, this simple White Washed Bead Tray for Coffee Table would make a great complement to the vintage atmosphere. The edge of the coffee table tray is designed with beaded style, and they are in white washed color, making them natural and simple.

The combination of plastic beads and wooden tray creates a beautiful shabby chic aesthetic, showcasing your impeccable taste to those around you.

cottage decorating ideas - a wood round tray decor

This tray decor is suitable for various of occasions, such as counter, living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, you can place some small items on it, such as tea light, plant, salt and pepper and so on, you can also use it as a candle tray, tea tray, centerpiece tray.

Other choices to choose from:

In French cottage style, you can typically find chairs made of wood and metal, featuring elegantly curved legs and backs.

Tables with slim, curved legs, as well as armchairs and sofas with intricate shapes and decorative metal elements are also common.

Additionally, one common feature is that the main decoration in the living room or dining room could be a huge crystal chandelier.

French country cottage decorating ideas - a chandelier in a dining room

French country cottage decorating ideas - a chandelier

This  Wooden French Country Chandelier Light Fixture Ceiling brings cottage chic style and a refreshing feel to your home decor , this white chandelier matches with various decoration styles, no matter your house is vintage, rural farmhouse or industrial look.

This rustic chandelier farmhouse is simplicity without bulk , makes your house vintage & elegant and full of french country style.

Another choice is this Farmhouse Chandelier for Dining Room Light Fixture:

French country cottage decorating ideas - a chandelier in a dining room

This farmhouse light fixture consists of 6 candle-shaped stems placed on simply curved iron arms,around the white wood stem, matches with various decoration styles, no matter your house is modern, vintage, rural farmhouse or industrial look.

French country cottage decorating ideas - a chandelier

This dining room light fixtures over table is simplicity without pompous , makes your house vintage & elegant and full of French country style

Another accessories that you will find often go along with dining table in country houses is a Rustic Centerpiece Barnwood Box

French country cottage decorating ideas - Centerpiece Barnwood Box

 This piece is designed to be rustic yet functional, making it incredibly easy to set up yourself, just open the box and it is ready to be displayed!

Use this box for an adorable kitchen table center piece. You can also use this as a decorative mail holder box to organize your mail, letters, and important documents or even using them as a planter box for your garden or bathroom decor.


French country cottage decorating ideas - Centerpiece Barnwood Box

If you love the rustic look that farmhouse style decor adds to your living space, then this wooden dining room center piece is just what you need

A reclaimed wood mirror in French cottage country style design can be a stunning addition to any room. It pairs so well with neutral-toned walls and accessories to create a more subdued look.

French country cottage decorating ideas: a reclaimed wood mirror

This 16″ x 20″ Farmhouse Mirror home accent follows the latest trend: farmhouse chic.

No matter where you display this pretty and functional shelved mirror, it will add a touch of rustic Western charm to the room or living area. 

Flowers decors with country style:

A simple Rustic bucket farmhouse style milk can brings French country sweetness to your home.

This metal flower vase is designed as a decorative home decal and work great with artificial flowers, if using it with fresh flower, just put a water tight liner in the farmhouse decor.

Another French country cottage decorating ideas is this french farmhouse style flower pitcher which helps adding a decorative accent to your room’s decor with it beautiful sunshine yellow.

If you already have a vase and are looking for gorgeous flowers, how about these?

French country cottage decorating ideas: colorful flowers

FiveSeasonStuff peony flowers feature what artificial flowers or faux flowers should be.

Bouquet accents such as detailed petal features, soft complementing bouquet materials, rich colors, abundant delicate details from buds, berries to greenery leaves.

Other colour choices for you:

The Green Rustic

The Charm Pink

Mixed White and Purple

You can check out this short video about this this gorgeous country cottage that was built in the 1800’s:

I hope my list of French country cottage decorating ideas have inspired you to incorporate more French and country flavors into your life. Yes, this is self-love! Let me know what you think about this style of interior design and I would love to know about your personal home styles.

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  1. We do not have a French Country Cottage, but rather an American Condo on a lake.  However, lots of the ideas that you suggest could give our place a real country feel.  We are in the country so it would be nice to have that relaxing vibe as we walk inside.  The image of the kitchen is quite like what we have been talking about on a smaller scale.  A modern, distressed bench/coat rack/ mirror sit in the entrance.  Although we presently do not have many decorations on tables or bureaus, I like your suggestions.  Maybe we can create a French Country Condo.

    1. It sounds like you already have some great ideas for incorporating these elements into your American condo on the lake.
      Some small suggestions from is: You can use a modern, distressed bench/coat rack in the entrance is a great way to add some rustic charm to your space. Another way is to incorporate some of the decorative elements I suggested on tables and bureaus can help to further enhance the overall look and feel of the space.
      Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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