Manifesting specific person success stories THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU

manifesting specific person success stories


How is your journey with Law of attracion so far? 

I just want to make a small check up on you guys. And today, I’m going to motivate and charge up energy for you with some interesting manifesting specific person success stories that all of us can read and learn something from them.

I would like to do a quick check-in with you all today and provide some motivation and positive energy. To do so, I’ll share some inspiring success stories of people who have used manifestation techniques to attract specific individuals into their lives. We can all learn something from these manifesting specific person success stories and apply them to our own pratices.

So lets get into it.

#1 of manifesting specific person success stories: Oprah Winfrey’s success story of manifesting her partner

Oprah Winfrey has spoken publicly about using manifestation techniques to attract her long-term partner, Stedman Graham.

According to her, she wrote down the qualities she wanted in a partner and visualized herself being with him, focusing on the feelings of being in a loving and supportive relationship. She also created a vision board that included images of the type of partner she wanted and looked at it every day to reinforce her desires.

Manifesting specific person success stories:  a vision board

She has also talked about the importance of feeling grateful for what you have, even before it manifests in your life.

In an interview, she said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

In addition to those technique about Law of attraction, she also emphasize on the importance of the role of communication and compromise in a healthy relationship.

As I believe when you pratice Law of Attraction and believe that you derseve with all the best things in life, you will have a tendency to nuture and develop those postive traits and personality that help you to attract more success and blessings into your life.

What a great manifesting specific person success story right?

#2 of manifesting specific person success stories: Katy Perry actually turned her crush into her husband

A story from another celebrity that is how Katy Perry used Law of attraction to attract her long time crush -Orlando Bloom

One well-known example is singer Katy Perry, who has spoken openly about using the Law of Attraction to manifest her current partner, actor Orlando Bloom.

Manifesting specific person success stories: a woman is thinking

According to Perry, she first met Bloom at an awards ceremony in 2013, but the two didn’t begin dating until several years later.

During that time, Perry says she used visualization techniques and positive affirmations to manifest Bloom into her life. She even wrote his name on a piece of paper and put it in her purse as a way of staying focused on her desire.

Perry has credited her manifestation practice with helping her to overcome past relationship patterns and attract a partner who aligns with her values and goals.

She has also expressed gratitude for the lessons she has learned from her relationship with Bloom, saying that he has helped her to become a more balanced and centered person.

My own manifesting specific person success story:

Now it’s my turn. For the first time, I’m going to share with you how I manifested the love of my life without actually knowing that  I was using the Law of Attraction. This happened a while ago when I was all new to all the Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, and therefore I was using it sometimes without even knowing I was doing so.

I met my current partner for the first time through one of our mutual friends. At that time, let me tell you, I had been experiencing only bitterness and disappointment from relationships. I was 28 years old, and I had been in love 3 times, and all three ended up with me getting my heart broken. 

At that time, I had no more  hope in  love or in finding a partner as I thought I had enough with all that stuff. There was even a point when I thought there was something wrong with me that made me unable to stay happily with anyone. I thought I wasn’t lovable, and that was sad. 

The consequences of many continuous heartbreaks made me decided to just giving up. I didn’t hope or expect anything from anyone (now thinking back, this could be called the phase of detachment which is very important to let yourself heal and eliminate any negative blocks inside you).

At that time, after grieving enough for my old relationship, I realized that I should be the one and the only one  to decide my happiness and also my worth. I stopped seeking validation from others  or trying to find a relationship to validate myself or even to fit into society’s standard of happiness that you should have a partner by your side to be considered being happy. I am happy with my own self, and for the first time, I learned to live truly with who I am and care less about what other people might say or think about me.

Manifesting specific person success stories:  2 women is laughing together

And when I was totally happy and satisfied with my life, I met my current partner, right at the time I wasn’t seeking or looking for anything (yeah, this seems to always be like that, right?).

I wouldn’t lie that I didn’t feel any attraction to him. Even at our first meeting, I thought, “wow, this could be someone that I can love”  because of his personality, the way he talked so gently, and how he treated other people so nicely and carefully. The soft vibe from him is just something I always craved in a relationship. But me at that time, having been through so much pain and bad experience from love in the past, I didn’t let myself sink into a simping rabbit hole right away. 

Manifesting specific person success stories: 2 people are holding hands

I acknowledged all the beauty about him, and simply thought to myself, “yeah, it would be nice if we had a chance to get to know each other more, but even without him, it’s all fine.” I am happy with where I am right now, and I won’t let anyone or anything take that away from me. If he is the right person, we would definitely meet each other again and have more time spending together in the future.

 It was just a simple sense of knowing that I am happy no matter what and that my peace and happiness are the most important things that I have to take care of. No pressure, no crazy stalker, or trying to approach him as I often did in the past. We got introduced to each other, and that was it. Nothing more happened for a quite period of time. At that time, I was still going to college, and our mutual friend’s house happened to be very close to my school, so it became a habit of me to wander around my friend’s house during school time, and guess what? My current partner’s house was also in that area, so he also became a frequent visitor at my friend’s house.

An I can see this is where the magic of the Law of Attraction happened. Even though we never set a date to meet each other at our mutual friend’s house, because honestly, we didn’t really know each other well at that time, and both of us are shy people. But 9 out of 10 times when I came there, he would be there, or he would come when I was there, while me hanging around with no intention of meeting him. 

We seemed to keep bumping into each other, and just like that, we talked more and more and became really good friends. At that time, my partner had just gotten out of a long-term relationship. We were both hurt and so we didn’t rush anything. We loved to just enjoy each other’s company like that.

Manifesting specific person success stories:  a couple is sitting together

After a few months of becoming good friends, my partner had to move to a different city due to job requirements. I thought that was it, but it was the long distance and how we started to experience life without each other that made us realize the impact we had on each other. We missed each other deeply and we used to call each other every day and talk for hours. 

During the time we were living apart, I usually went to sleep at night thinking about the time we were having fun together, all the senses like his smell, how he touched me, how he held me and talked to me. Everything was so vivid and clear in my mind. Those memories always brought me happy emotions, and I could feel the warmth from him reaching me, no matter how far apart we were. I usually fell asleep with these beautiful memories and all the happiness emotions associated with them. ( THIS IS SATS TECHNIQUE !!!)

Manifesting specific person success stories: a woman is smiling happily

I flew to his city for a few visits , and he did the same, keep flying back to my place. We were like best friends, but we both knew we were more than friends. So, what should come has come, he confessed his feelings for me, and that was one of the greatest moments in my life. We stayed happily together until now, which is three years later, and I am never more happy and satisfied than I am now. I just realized that when I am happy and grateful about my life, the universe keeps bringing more of the same to my life, and my partner is one of those.

Wow, my story was truly quite long. Sorry because I kind of got carried away with it, I am just excited to share my own experiences with the Law of Attraction with you guys. I hope you will find my story motivating and helpful to you.

I hope the manifesting specific person success stories I shared here have inspired you more on your journey. Let me know your experiences with manifesting a specific person as there’s nothing I love more than to hear from you guys.

Now see you and byeeee!

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