Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a man is sleeping

I have written quite a few posts about this topic, or more specifically, the important role your subconscious mind plays in our lives. Do you know that the subconscious controls 95% of our brain functions? 

You may not think about your daily activities much, like how to walk, eat, or respond to daily conversations – yes, because your subconscious mind already takes care of that. 

But the question is, how do we reprogram our subconscious mind? 

The subconscious mind has a significant impact on our lives, and you might think it would be hard to change or reprogram it. Yes, it’s both right and wrong. Unlike the conscious mind, it takes time and repetition to truly make an effect on our subconscious mind. However, on the other hand, if we do it the right way – or should I say the easy way, by sleeping the right way – we can reprogram the subconscious mind with ease. This post will be all about reprogramming the subconscious mind while sleeping. 

Bear with me, as you will gain valuable information and tips to genuinely change your subconscious mind for the better. So, let’s get started.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a cat is sleeping

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping

An interesting experiments about the power of human mind

When I think about reprogramming the subconscious mind while sleeping, a specific intriguing experiment always pops up in my mind.

For a very long time, many scientists have been curious about the real power of our subconscious mind. Humans have often been known as only able to use less than 1% of our true brain capability.

In the year 2000, Bill Bengston, Ph.D., originally a skeptic himself, began conducting experiments to test the effects created by our minds. He and his colleague, Dave Krinsley, designed an objective experiment to measure the ability of the human mind to heal mice with cancer tumors.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: Bill Bengston
Dr. Bill Bengston

The mice were injected with mammary cancer, and the longest time a mouse survived after being injected with a cancer tumor was 27 days.

They divided the mice into two groups. One group was placed in a separate building without any treatment, while the other group was held in Bill’s hands for one hour per day.

A week into the experiment, the group of mice that were held by Bill for an hour each day developed cancer tumors. The tumors were visible to the normal eye. Therefore, Bill believed the experiment had failed.

However, there was a special thing happened: the mice in Bill’s cage, despite growing tumors, appeared very healthy, full of energy, and didn’t skip meals.

Meanwhile, the mice in the other cages that received no treatment were not doing well, and two had already died within a week into the experiment.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: Bill Bengston and his box of mices
Dr. Bill Bengston is doing his experiments with mice

Around day 17, much to everyone’s surprise, the tumors on Bill’s mice began to be replaced by scabs, and their fur started to regrow.

The experiment was repeated multiple times by different researchers. Bill even allowed his students to hold the cages instead of himself, and the results remained consistent.

So, what is the conclusion here? 

Obviously, our minds have an effect on the world around us and, miraculously, even a healing effect. Doesn’t our subconscious mind possess unimaginable power?

I hope these experiments provide some food for thought, and perhaps you will be more interested in speding time to learn more about the power of our subconscious mind.

In the next part, I will share with you the ways I discovered and learned about how to truly change our subconscious mind for the better.

3 proven ways to reprogram our subconscious mind.

Small changes at a time is the secret

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, our patterns in thoughts and behaviors are created by our subconscious mind. This is a scientific fact, as our subconscious mind memorizes everything, down to the smallest details of experiences we have been through in our lives.

To start reprogram our subcosnciosu mind, the first step is to start be conscious of your subconscious thought.

Notice why you are reacting to situtauions the ways you are doing.

Whats is your regular habits that may not contribute positively into your life?

What are your usual states of mind?

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: Dr. Joe Dispenza
Dr. Joe Dispenza

For example, if you have always felt guilty or ashamed for 30 years of life, it may feel normal to you. It just feels like who you are. So, this will require some reflective time to sit back and really think about your patterns of thought and behavior.

Just as an infection can spread and become a disease in the community, Dr. Joe Dispenza believes that wellness can also spread and have a contagious effect.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a group is practicing yoga on the beach

The key point to start change your subconscious mind is after recognize those patterns, take actions that  different from that same old pattern.

Take action as a person who ‘s already in a state of your new beings, the version that you want to becoming.

It doesn’t have to be big actions, or something that’s completely out of your comfort zone. Small steps at a time make a difference, and small steps are exactly the secret to a lasting successful habit change.

Imagine you’re a shy person who has always avoided ordering coffee in person and prefers using mobile apps for convenience. Every morning, you’ve been relying on your smartphone to place your coffee order, avoiding any direct interaction.

You may decide that it’s time to face your shyness and build your confidence. You choose a local coffee shop that you’ve visited a few times before. You take a deep breath, reminding yourself of the growth you’ll experience from this simple act. As you walk into the coffee shop, you notice the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans, and the friendly chatter of customers and baristas fills the air.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a coffee shop

You step up to the counter, your heart beating a little faster than usual. The barista smiles warmly and asks, “What can I get you today?” Your throat feels a bit tight, but you push through the nerves and respond, “I’d like a medium latte, please.”

As your latte is handed to you,  exchange a genuine smile with the barista and say, “Thank you!”  

As you reflect on the experience, you realize that by pushing yourself to order in person, you’ve proven to yourself that you’re capable of stepping outside your comfort zone.

That’s a very simple and realistic to do to gradually stepping out of your comfort zone.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a slogan "it's your turn"

So, up until this point, you may have wondered where the part of “reprogramming your subconscious mind while sleeping” fits in.

Well, here it is: acting like a new version of yourself isn’t limited to your daily activities alone. It should extend to your bedtime routine as well.

I encourage you to go to bed each day and visualize yourself as the version you aspire to become. Spend a few minutes before falling asleep thinking thoughts and feeling as if you have already achieved what you desire.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a woman is sleeping

This practice allows you to integrate your desired changes into your subconscious mind as you drift into slumber.

And in this drowsy state, your subconscious mind becomes the most receptive to whatever you put your mind into. You will fall asleep totally believing you are a new version of yourself and carry it into your subconscious mind.

For example, if you want to become a successful person, it’s best to go to bed thinking as if you are already successful. You should feel confidence about yourself by repeating some positive affirmations:

“I am fully capable of achieving success in all areas of my life.”

“Every day, I am moving closer to my goals and achieving remarkable success.”

“Success flows effortlessly into my life, and I embrace it with gratitude.”

Reflect on your tasks for tomorrow with a confident view, or think about times when you have successfully accomplished tasks or received compliments from others. Think about moments when you have demonstrated a skill.

SATS method

Neville Goddard’s SATS technique is rooted in the understanding that our subconscious mind holds the reins of our life’s occurrences. 

The sweet spot for SATS is that intermediary state, that threshold between being conscious and drifting into the dream world – a drowsy, peaceful state.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a woman is feeling sleepy

It’s the phase just before our subconscious mind completely takes over. During this window, we can effortlessly plant the seeds of our desires into the fertile soil of our subconscious by holding onto a mental image of our aspirations.

SATS uses imagination as a gateway to realizing our dreams and make an impact on our subconscious mind. It’s through imagination that we  can actually live in our desired states.  We get a taste of our dreams materializing before they even touch reality.

Neville Goddard put it like this:  “SATS is the door through which the conscious, waking mind passes to be creatively joined to the subconscious.”

How to Apply Neville Goddard’s SATS

Once you’ve got the hang of SATS’s fundamentals, you can give it your unique flavor. Here’s how I’d recommend using SATS to reprogram your subconscious mind while you slumber:

Set Your Intent Clear

Lay out your wish or goal in crisp detail. Make it a crystal-clear snapshot or phrase.

Ease into a Drowsy Haven

Find a place where you can unwind and don’t get bothered by others. Close your eyes and allow your mind and body to unwind.

Bedtime is believed to be  ideal for SATS. By engaging in SATS before sleep, you’re offering your subconscious about 7-8 hours of uninterrupted canvas for its masterpiece. This stretch allows your subconscious to absorb your desires and intentions and creating your manifestation.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a woman is sleeping

Take a few deep breaths, releasing tension. Slide into the drowsy state – the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Dream Up Your Success

In this state, vividly conjure up your triumph as if it’s already yours. 

Stir your senses and emotions to make the mental image feel real and close to you, as it already a part of your reality.

Feel It Real

While you paint this mental picture, soak in the emotions of already the version you want to become. Feel the emotions that go along with your new state– be it joy, gratitude, or serenity.

Allow yourself to be immersed, to let the feeling seep into your core.

Reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping: a woman is sleeping

Slumber’s Embrace

Trust that your desire’s seed has been firmly sown in your subconscious. Cast off doubts or concerns; the gears of manifestation are set in motion. Allow yourself to be cradled by sleep’s gentle embrace.

As you let go, stay in that relaxed, receptive state and let yourself fall naturally into sleep.

Playing positive affirmations or subliminal while you are sleeping

The most popular way for reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping that is used by many people is listing to positive affirmations or subliminal while you are sleeping.

The subconscious mind can sometimes resist conscious efforts to change beliefs or thought patterns.

However, during sleep, this resistance tends to be lower. Positive affirmations or subliminal messages delivered through audio can bypass this resistance and directly influence the subconscious.

By playing affirmations or subliminal messages repeatedly while you sleep, you provide consistent input that reinforces the desired beliefs. Over time, these messages become ingrained in your subconscious, shaping your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes.

Subliminal messages are designed to be perceived by the subconscious mind without conscious awareness. Even though you might not consciously hear or understand the messages, your subconscious mind processes and absorbs them. This subtle approach allows for more effective reprogramming without the interference of conscious doubts or skepticism.

Here are some of my favourite collection of affirmations and subliminal to listen to while you are sleeping:

I hoped I helped you understand more about the topic of reprogramming subconscious mind while sleeping. I hope you’ll take the time to reread this post a few times, conduct further research on this topic, and incorporate it into your life.

As humans, we typically tap into only 1% of our mind’s potential. You can develop your own approach to reprogramming the subconscious mind, or feel free to adapt my suggestions to best fit your individual needs. Each person is unique and distinct. 

I’m eager to learn about your experiences and thoughts on this – please share them in the comments.

Until next time, happy manifesting!

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