Why you should Journal and Free Printable Journal Templates for You

Free Printable Journal Templates: a beautiful set up of coffee and diary


I must confess that I haven’t been posting regularly as before because I have discovered a new favorite activity – journaling. Lately, I have experienced quite a few ups and downs in my life, and I needed a place to pour out my emotions. There’s no better place than a journal, where I can write all I want, read about it later and laughing at myself.

Journaling has tremendously helped me relieve all my pent-up emotions and yes, the journal itself will become a highly entertaining thing for me to read later on.

Today, I am back with the hope to drag you all along with me on my new hobby- journaling. I would also like to recommend some free printable journal templates that I have been using for you to get started.

So, let ‘s dive in

Free Printable Journal Templates: a woman is writing journal

Free printable journal templates that I have been using:

Daily journal templates:

The thing about a daily journal is that it doesn’t have to be daily.

For me, I usually write only when something special happens, like some big events, or something significant that I want to express my feelings and emotions about.

To me, diary is more like a place to save memories for me to look back on later, well sometimes also to remind me not to do something stupid again. (yes, I write down my hard-learned lessons and stupid repetitive mistakes I make in my journal also)


A journal doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be just words.

You can literally put anything in your journal, from pictures to a movie ticket from a date or a flower you picked on the street that day. Adding more than just words can make your journal more interesting and make it become a fun activity to do.

That’s also a reason why I prefer simple templates for my daily journal, as it leaves room for me to be creative and do whatever I want.

Here are some free printable journal templates suggestions for you:

Free Printable Journal Templates: a template of daily journal

Yes, I love how simple it is and how the cactus is just there to witness all my ramblings.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a template of daily journal with cute bears

Isn’t this one so cute??

Free Printable Journal Templates: a very simple template of daily journal

And this is the one for minimalist people out there.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a cute template for daily journal

Yes, here is another cute one. You are welcomed!

 Gratitude journal templates:

I think we all know the importance of practicing gratitude in our lives. I have been trying to incorporate gratitude practices into my life for a while now because I’ve noticed how gratitude could make an instant positive impact on me.

Whenever I’m in a bad situation or facing unwanted things in my life, practicing gratitude has the power to improve my mood and guide me back to a positive state of mind.

When I’m upset, I can’t hardly write anything, or in most cases, I tend to write horrible things (lol).

Free Printable Journal Templates:  a person is writing down something

One popular practice is keeping a gratitude journal. I like to use it once every few days. Someday, I would feel like making a list of the things that I’m grateful for in life, and I’ll do this instead of my daily journal.

Don’t ever think that you’ll have nothing to write in your gratitude journal.

If you’re still alive (and yes, there’s a high chance of that because you’re reading my blog), you’re healthy (this is a big one), trust me, you’ll have plenty of things to fill in the blank.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a notebook with some purple flowers on it

Again, don’t forget to be creative and funny in your gratitude journal, as this should be a fun thing for you to do and a happy place for you to return to when you need it.

Some free printable gratitude journal templates for you:

Free Printable Journal Templates: a simple gratitude journal template

Here is a simple one that leaves plenty of room for your creativity.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a  gratitude journal template

I like this one with the affirmation for the day. You can use it to remind yourself about a particular affirmation you want to practice on that day.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a pink gratitude journal template

Weekly planning journal templates:

Besides a daily journal, some people also use a weekly journal to record the key things they need to focus on that week. This is often used for planning ahead, where you can mark down important events, goals, and tasks for the upcoming week.

Planning out your week can help you prioritize tasks and manage your time more effectively, leading to feeling more organized and in control. By using a weekly planner, you can reflect on the previous week’s accomplishments and identify areas for improvement.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a person is planning on her notebook

I recommend starting with a daily journal and once you feel comfortable with it, you can then move on to a weekly planning journal to see if it is right for you.

Some great weekly planner for you:

Free Printable Journal Templates: a pink weekly planner templates
Free Printable Journal Templates: a white weekly planner templates
Free Printable Journal Templates: a simple weekly planner templates

Other templates I find interesting:

Free Printable Journal Templates: a daily mood tracker template

A Template for Daily Mood Tracker

Free Printable Journal Templates: a colorful daily tasks template

A simple to-do list for you.

You can also use these forms to create your own bucket list for the summer or any other kind of bucket list ideas.

Bottom line of why you should journal:

Here you already have some of my go-to printable journal templates. I’d like to share some thoughts about the importance of journaling.

Life goes on and memories fade over time.

That’s why journaling is a great way to document our lives, from moments of happiness to the lessons we learn.

As Mina Murray said in Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” “Journaling is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time.”

Free Printable Journal Templates: some dry flowers in a diary

Journaling can be viewed as a way to reflect on ourselves, express our thoughts and feelings, and explore our inner selves. Writing down these thoughts and emotions can create a safe space for us to listen to ourselves.

For me, journaling is also a place to jot down inspiration and ideas for my creative projects.

One benefit of journaling that you might not know about is that it can improve problem-solving skills. By providing a space to brainstorm solutions or consider different perspectives, journaling can help us work through challenges.

Sometimes, solutions to my problems would come to me as I wrote them down in my journal. Ideas for blog posts also often came to me as I was writing my thoughts down in my journal.

Free Printable Journal Templates: a lightbulb

One final thing is that I used to be suck at writing, but journaling has definitely helped me improve my writing skills.

Even if you don’t write a blog, there are always situations in life that require good writing skills, such as writing a cover letter or a resume for a job application, composing a letter, or communicating more effectively in our daily lives.

I hope that my experiences with journaling have inspired you to start your own journal today. Please feel free to share with me your own ways of journaling and your favorite journal templates that you use.

I’ll be back soon with some more journal ideas and even some of my own journal entries to share with you.

Now, I’m off to my journal to write about my achievement of completing this blog post today!

So see you.

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