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Welcome to my blog – lilyideas.com

The name of my blog reflects my desire when I established it. I want to bring more smiles to you, help you become more satisfied and happier in life.

I hope this will be a favorite stop for you, not only for us to share knowledge and stories with each other, but also to rest, entertain, and recharge our positive energy.


My name is Lily, and I currently live and work in Canada.

I am in the early years of my 30s. Previously, when I thought about reaching the age of 30, I felt very scared because it seemed like youth had slipped away. But now, at this point in my life, I feel very satisfied with my current life. Although I still have a lot to learn, I am not richer or more successful than anyone else. However, the important thing that I have achieved is knowing how to live happily and appreciating my life. I know how to appreciate what I have and live meaningfully.

I used to be a very insecure girl about myself, and perhaps the result of that insecurity was my many failures in life. I was insecure about both my appearance and my abilities. For a period of time, I believed that the worst things or the bad results were naturally mine. Until I hit rock bottom and was determined to lift myself up, encourage myself to start making small changes in my thinking and actions. That was also when I began to learn about the Law of Attraction and really delve deep into it.

I’m not saying that the change here will be like a dramatic change, where overnight you will become a different person. Changing yourself, or becoming a better version of yourself, is a long-term change, and a big change is made up of smaller changes, starting from a different thought, encouraging yourself, trusting yourself a little more each day, or changing how you react to each situation that arises in life.

This blog will not be limited to the Law of Attraction, I hope to share more with you about my own life and experiences, and I am also very happy to listen to your sharing and stories.

I hope we will create meaningful experiences together and help each other become happier people.


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