Some thoughts for you when you feel you’re not good enough

when you feel you’re not good enough: a woman is checking herself in the mirror

I came across an article about psychology in which Becky White, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, stated that “everyone feels the ” feeling like you are not good enough” , at times, and that someone else is probably feeling the exact same way as you, right now, in this moment.” This just hits home for me. Feeling like I’m not good enough or will ever be is something that I am always fighting off in my life.

When I was a heavier girl, that feeling was like a constant battle; it was so hard for me to love myself. I thought I would be able to love myself when I shed all the extra pounds, but as you may guess, that feeling remained mostly the same even when I was smaller. So, I figured maybe this feeling is something runs deeper and requires inner work.

In this post, I want to share some thoughts and knowledge I have gathered in relation to “when you feel you’re not good enough”. I hope you find it interesting, and any discussion or opinion from you is welcomed.

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