What Is A Vortex In The Law Of Attraction?

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Today, let’s dive into another classical but often overlooked topic of the Law of Attraction: What is a Vortex in The Law of Attraction? If you’re familiar with Abraham Hicks, “the Vortex” probably rings a bell. “The Vortex” is considered the center of the Law of Attraction. Understanding the Vortex and learning how to get into the Vortex is how we harness the law to work for us.

In my opinion, the most crucial aspect of the Law of Attraction its effortless nature. Law of Attraction shouldn’t be about forcing affirmations or trying to control our thoughts. Instead, it should flow naturally (which is why we all unconsciously manifest things constantly every day). And the secret sauce to nail it here is the Vortex.

What is a Vortex in The Law of Attraction? illustration of the vortex

What Is A Vortex In The Law Of Attraction?

What is “The Vortex”?

First, let’s look at how Abraham defining the vortex back in 2009:

“What do you mean? What is a Vortex?” A Vortex is a vibrational state of being that is a precursor of all positive motion forward of all that is. It’s like, encapsulated, condensed, straight-up Source. It’s pure positive energy. It’s the holding tank. It’s the anchor. It’s the touchstone. It’s the place where all dreams and wishes and hopes are held until we find vibrational alignment with them.

It’s the eternal pool of wellbeing to which each of us have added mightily along the path of our physical experience. “

Abe in San Diego, California on 9/19/2009

I do think this does sound kinda confusing and hard to comprehend, especially for those who are beginners to the Law of Attraction. So, let me make it a little bit easier for you.

First and foremost, the Vortex is a state of vibrational being.

We have physical reality and vibrational reality. One key point you need to understand is that vibrational reality precedes physical reality.

Everything you see and experience in the physical world, from a light bulb to the melody of a song or the taste of your food, all starts from a thought, a feeling, or, we could say, a vibrational state of being.

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So, the Vortex is a vibrational state where all your wishes and desires already exist. Everything you want to achieve in life, the version of yourself that you want to become, or even the version of others that you want them to become, all of that already exists in the Vortex. And all you need to do is to reach that state of being to transform everything in the Vortex into physical reality.

“Each time your physical life experience causes you to ask for something, a Vibrational, rocketlike request shoots forward and is received by your Inner Being and becomes the Vibrational, expanded version of your request. In order to help you get a sense of that process of expansion, we have called it your Vibrational Escrow or your Vibrational Reality. It is the furthermost, expanded version of you.” —The Vortex – Abraham Hicks

Inside the Vortex, manifestation becomes effortless. It’s like being in the flow of life, where synchronicities abound, and opportunities manifest effortlessly. It’s a place of pure potentiality and infinite possibilities.

This is the Abraham Hicks’s explanation about the Vortex for further understanding:

How to know if you are in a vortex or not?

You can tell whether you’re in or out of the vortex based on how you feel.

According to Abraham, your emotions are powerful indicators of your vibrational alignment (or whether you are in the Vortex or not).

When you feel happy, positive, and uplifted, when you look at someone and feel appreciation, you are in the Vortex. When in the Vortex, you feel like doing things, your body feels good, food tastes good, you recognize your power, you feel certain about things, you feel good about yourself, you trust that things will go well, you feel ready for more, you feel like you can do anything. It’s like the universe is cooperating with you. The universe gives you evidence that you’re there.

In contrast, when you feel doubt, fear, frustration, or sadness, you are outside of the Vortex. It’s as if you are swimming against the current, struggling to make anything work. It’s like the world is against you.

The Vortex is the answer to why so many people struggle with manifestation.

Now, let’s consider why many people struggle with manifestation especially every time they desire something in life. Knowing the answer to “What is a Vortex in The Law of Attraction?” would help you resolve this problem that many people face.

When you want something, you typically start putting in work and effort to achieve it.

But the key factor in determining whether you will achieve your desires or not is not how much effort you put into trying, but the root of your effort.

You may not realize it, but much of the effort you’ve been offering stems from a sense of lack or your keen awareness of what you don’t want (shame, fear, worry). You might put effort into meditating, focusing, or accomplishing goals to manifest what you want, it often comes from a place of not wanting to end up in a situation where you don’t get what you want. This feeling is rooted in fear and a sense of not having enough.

That’s the effort from outside the Vortex, and that’s why it feels hard.

From a place of worry and concern, when you begin the process of affirmations, it’s often hard to feel natural and excited about what you’re affirming. When you’re outside the vortex and you make an effort to work against an unwanted circumstance, it may activates defensiveness within you, and creating resistance.

That’s why Abraham Hicks often advises not to do affirmations outside of the Vortex. Only do affirmations when you find yourself in the Vortex, and it could happen in very simple moments (when you notice the sunshine, when your cat jumps on your lap, or when you hear your favorite songs on the radio). During this time, the Vortex will activate what is needed to bring your manifestation to reality. Things will feel natural and easy.

If you speak about what you want and it feels bad, then it won’t help.

For example, with the affirmation “I am the creator of my reality,” from inside the Vortex, you feel empowered, filled with thoughts and possibilities. You feel good, with goosebumps; it feels wonderful and exhilarating. On the other hand, when you are outside the Vortex, it feels hopeless.

So the first thing is to get into the Vortex.

As mentioned above, vibrational reality precedes physical reality. Elevating your vibrational frequency will cause your physical reality to change accordingly. It must happen. And the best way to elevate your vibrational frequency is to get into the Vortex.

When you are outside of the Vortex, you have only one job: to get in the Vortex.

What is a Vortex in The Law of Attraction? the vortex

Stop doing whatever you’re doing that keeps you out of the Vortex. These are the negative thoughts you think every day, the negative beliefs (which are merely just negative thoughts that you keep thinking again and again). You can also do meditation, which helps quiet your mind and make room for positive, uplifting thoughts.

Only take action when you are inside the Vortex. As Abraham said: “When I’m in a good mood, then I’ll call someone. When I feel good, I will take action, book a flight. It ‘s always Get in the Vortex and then…”

How to get into the Vortex

After understanding What Is A Vortex In The Law Of Attraction?, the next question would be: “Ok, so how do I get in?” but actually it’s more a matter of what am I doing to take myself out?

Because if we just stopped doing the stuff that kinks our alignment (worrying, fretting, resenting, doubting, fearing, blaming, judging, etc.), then it’s natural to be in the Vortex.

Human’s nature is to be in high vibration, and in the vortex. That’s why Abraham often encourages people when they feel like things just are too much at the moment, go to sleep. Or to deal with some extra difficult situations , the best thing to do is take your mind off the situation, move your focus to something else.

The positive questions

A good way I find working for me is to answer a few question that help to remind me of the positive side in my life. Those are:

What am I grateful for right now?

What are some of my happiest memories?

What am I looking forward to in the near future?

How can I show kindness to others today?

What accomplishments am I proud of?

What activities bring me joy and fulfillment?

What makes me feel peaceful and content?

What positive changes have I made in my life?

How can I nurture my relationships with loved ones?

When you find yourself feeling good or enjoying a moment, take a moment to truly acknowledge it. Allow yourself to fully experience those positive emotions and reflect on why you’re feeling good. Try to vividly remember the details of what made you feel that way, capturing the experience in your memory as clearly as you can.

What is a Vortex in The Law of Attraction? a woman is in her gratitude about life

Appreciate a loved one

Choose someone you like and care about, and create a list of their positive qualities. Write down at least 10 things you admire or appreciate about them (their positive aspects).

Bonus: The Law of Attraction will then immediately start making you aware of more of those qualities, and you’ll be drawing more of that experience to yourself as well!

Ask the Universe to show you

Say out loud: “I want to feel good – Show me things I want to see!” and wait

My story with the Vortex

To conclude the post about “What Is A Vortex In The Law Of Attraction?” I’d like to share a personal story of mine regarding the Vortex.

I was a college student in Vancouver. If you’ve ever lived in the city, you’d know the real estate market here is crazy. There’s always more demand than supply, making it very difficult to find a place to rent that suits your needs and is affordable.

At the time, I was staying at my cousin’s house while looking for my own place to live. Being new to Canada, it was even harder for me to find a good place since I didn’t have many connections and didn’t know much about how things worked. I searched for close to two months, visiting countless places, but either they weren’t suitable or the prices were beyond my budget.

Of course, I knew about the Law of Attraction back then and tried to affirm that “I attract the perfect living space effortlessly and easily.” But it just didn’t resonate well with me, especially as my house-hunting attempts became more unsuccessful, leading to increased doubt in my affirmations.

I started to consider giving up and staying at my cousin’s house, even though it was inconvenient since it was far from school. I didn’t think about finding a place as much as before or spending all my time scouting Craigslist and real estate websites.

One day, after finishing school and commuting a long way home, I was lying in my room, letting myself relax and listening to music on my phone. Suddenly, I felt very light and comfortable. I realized how lucky I was to be able to study further and to still have a roof over my head, and everything else seemed to be going well. I felt grateful. Then, thinking about finding a place from that positive moment, I felt very positive about finding my ideal living space. I talked to myself, reaffirming that everything would be alright, and that I would attract the perfect living space effortlessly and easily. The affirmations now felt natural and easy to me, without any effort.

And guess what? Just one week later, a friend of mine introduced me to a landlord with the perfect apartment. It ticked all the boxes, and the price was great. The moment I moved into my new place, I realized that this was exactly the feeling I had when I was lying in my room that day. I think that day, I got into the Vortex.

Final Words

I hope I helped you answer the question of What Is A Vortex In The Law Of Attraction? If there’s one thing I hope you take away from this post, it’s that the Vortex always exists and is available to you. Just like everything you desire already exists and is waiting for you to claim it.

Manifesting doesn’t have to be hard and filled with struggle; it should be fun and effortless. Your only task is to get into the Vortex, and then let the Universe handle the rest. Let me know in the comments what you think about the Vortex, and I would love to hear about your experiences with the Law of Attraction.

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