How to deal with stress and anxiety with mindfulness

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Today, stress and anxiety become a common thing. Even when everything seems fine, societal pressures and expectations can make it challenging to maintain good mental health. Stress does more bad than good on our physical and mental health. 

Personally, I have also dealt with constant stress and anxiety throughout my life.

When I was in school, I was always worried about studying and exams. I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult, when I thought I would finally be free from all that stress. But as I grew older, I realized that there was always something to be concerned about, whether it was work, social life, relationships, or marriage.
I have tried various methods to cope with stress and anxiety, but one approach that has truly made a difference is mindfulness practices.

Unlike doing exercise or yoga, which I can still feel like obligations or tasks, mindfulness feels like a relaxing getaway for me. There are tons of benefit from practicing simple mindfulness activities, this post will specifically focus on how to deal with stress and anxiety with mindfulness practices.

How to deal with stress and anxiety with: the word" mindfulness"
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How to deal with depression without medication

How to deal with depression without medication: picture of the word "mental health"

In today’s society, an increasing number of people are facing depression, and it’s likely that many of us have experienced or will experience a depressive state at some point in our lives. Yes, it can happen to anyone no matter how their life may look like from the outside. 

Depression can have serious consequences if not addressed properly. In this article, I want to provide suggestions for how to deal with depression without medication.

This post is designed like a first aid box for you to come to when think you are having first signs of depression. I want to emphasize that you can try these methods, but if you keep finding yourself digging deeper into the hole of depression, then don’t be afraid to seek help.

A combination of psychotherapy and medication usually brings the best results in dealing with depression. 

I hope that whether you are currently combating depression yourself or have a loved one who is, the information here may offer valuable insights into managing this challenging condition.

How to deal with depression without medication: the word "mental health"
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My Realistic Glow Up List: From Average to Amazing

Hi there,

If this title caught your interest, you are likely undergoing or wanting to undergo a total transformation for yourself, or maybe  you are looking for an extensive glow-up list that can change your life. 

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Yes, I have been there too. There are countless times that I have researched and made big plans for myself, determined to transform myself to a new level.

But here’s the thing: most glow-up plans or transformations fail or the results just don’t last long. This is because you can’t expect a big change in a short time or by pushing yourself into a big, extreme schedule. That approach will just burn you out quickly, frustrate you. It’s hard for you to able to adapt to what you’ve planned out and you would end up giving up, leaving your plan undone.

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