My Realistic Glow Up List: From Average to Amazing

Hi there,

If this title caught your interest, you are likely undergoing or wanting to undergo a total transformation for yourself, or maybe  you are looking for an extensive glow-up list that can change your life. 

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Yes, I have been there too. There are countless times that I have researched and made big plans for myself, determined to transform myself to a new level.

But here’s the thing: most glow-up plans or transformations fail or the results just don’t last long. This is because you can’t expect a big change in a short time or by pushing yourself into a big, extreme schedule. That approach will just burn you out quickly, frustrate you. It’s hard for you to able to adapt to what you’ve planned out and you would end up giving up, leaving your plan undone.

That happened to me so many times and also to my friends.

So what is the solution?

Have you ever heard about the power of small habits or changes? Small habits can eventually lead to huge transformation, which is exactly what we ‘re gona do.B reaking down your goals into smaller, manageable steps is often the key to achieving meaningful and lasting change, and we are going to make it happen by gradually leveling up ourselves day by day.

In today’s post, I want to introduce a realistic, simple, and sustainable glow-up list. This is the result of myself been through many big fat transformation plans, and I’ve identified these crucial points that are the only things you need to do to to make a new happy you. My 5- point glow up list ensure a better version of yourself, while also avoiding burnout and exhaustion.

So let s get started!

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#1 Grow up List: Drink a lot of water:

Yes, it’s as simple as that. 

Just by paying attention to your water intake, because most of us, due to our busy lives, tend to neglect that. It’s a simple and easy thing to do, but plays a huge role in our total well-being, health, and beauty.

Drinking enough is a must-have for a healthy, glowing skin. It also boosts your metabolism to burn those extra calories more effectively. If every day, you remind yourself to drink enough water, that’s already a huge success. Give yourself a pat on the back now!

The amount of water needed for each person is different, usually ranging from 1-2 liters per day. Drink water until your urine is clear; that’s when you know your body has enough water. 

Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and keep one on your work table. Additionally, you should creaate a habit of drinking a big glass of water in the morning to help replenish your body after a long night’s rest

I usually carry a small 500ml bottle with me and try to drink 4 bottles like that throughout the day. That’s howI know I have enough water for my body. And I could tell my skin’s dry condition improves significantly since I adopted just a simple habit like that. You should know that a large amount of your sickness could be avoided just by drinking enough water.

So first thing, let’s drink up!

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#2 Glow up list: Do Your Skin care:

How can we forget about skincare when we’re talking about a glow-up?

Healthy skin makes you more confident and look healthier. And having good skin isn’t as hard as you think. Just by following the first step on the list: drinking a lot of water, you are already halfway to owning healthy-looking skin.

My skincare routine is very simple and doesn’t cost me too much money or time. Three basic steps that need to be in every skincare routine are to clean, moisturize, and use sunscreen in the morning, and replace it with nourishing cream at night.

Choose suitable products for yourself.

 In my case, my favourite choice is Yves Rocher products, or sometimes I go with The Body Shop as they always emphasize the natural and cruel-free aspects in their products. Their products works nicely for me , smells good and always come with a reasonable price.

glow up list

My favorite Yves Rocher Comforting Anti-Wrinkle Riche Cream ( Night)

#3 Glow up list: Get exercise

Well, don’t be scared by the word “exercise” yet. By saying exercise here, I mean spending just 10 minutes per day to do small workouts. 

It could be a workout on the whole body or on different body parts.

Here are my favorite 10-minute workouts.

10 minutes for slim leg, no jumping , suitable for quiet home or living in apartments
10 mins to tone your arms

I really enjoy this one because I can watch Netflix while doing exercise, and time flies so fast thanks to Netflix!

Try to diversify your types of practice. Today you could work out for your slim legs, tomorrow your arms, and next your stomach, and so on. Sometimes you can replace it with a yoga session, or a Zumba dance, or any kind of activity that gets you moving that you like.

Don’t think that 10 minutes is not enough. You will be astonished by the result of every day’s 10 minutes added up over time. The mini 10-minute exercise session can help boost your metabolism, refine your body structure, burn that extra amount of calories, and most importantly, boost your mood up.

Many research studies have shown that simply doing a small section of exercise each day can help women to be more confident in their body and have an overall better well-being. That 10 minutes will become a long-lasting habit. Stick to it after 21 days, and you won’t be able to live without your exercise session anymore.

glow up list: a woman is doing exercise

#4 Glow up list: Do something to broaden your experities or knowlege:

It wouldn’t be a proper glow-up if we forget about the mind. We have to glow up from the inside as well. This should be something not too heavy because I understand most of us have to work eight hours per day, or some even more, and we all have other things to take care of in our lives.

But for us not to fall behind in this fast-paced society today, we have to keep on learning. This could be 15 minutes of reading something that makes you better or more knowledgeable about your job, honing a soft skill like public speaking, writing, summarizing a text, watching a TED talk to learn something new and useful for you. It can even be 15 minutes doing crossword puzzles or a memorization challenge to train your memory. It could be 15 minutes of reading a book that broadens your mind and makes you become a better version of yourself.

glow up list: a boy is reading a book

This small activity will be a good time for yourself and also help to strengthen your intellectual mind.

#5 Glow up list: Do Affirmations and be positive:

The final important thing for your glow-up journey is the right attitude. Believe me, the right attitude decides everything. Cultivating a positive attitude will help you tremendously on your way to success.

You can check out my list of affirmations to attract wealth and money here, or affirmations for instant manifestation here.

Choose an affirmation that you love. It could be a general affirmation like, “I am deserving of happiness and joy,” or you could go with affirmations on any subject that you want to improve in your life, such as relationships, career, family life, etc.

Remind yourself of your affirmations during the day until you feel like they have been absorbed well. Then, once in a while, you can change to a new affirmation.

glow up list: a positive affirmation

And that ‘s it!

That’s my glow up list that will bring you fun and memorable experiences as you witness yourself gradually transforming. 

Trust yourself, let the process take time, and enjoy the journey.

Remember to take small steps and always appreciate yourself as you are today. Love yourself today!



4 thoughts on “My Realistic Glow Up List: From Average to Amazing”

  1. I read your article on the Law of Attraction and cannot agree more with you Lily. I am a firm believer in the concept myself. As usual with the Law of Attraction, your article came to me at a time that The Universe needed to remind me of it, as presently I’m going through a bit of a bumpy road right now. I keep going though, knowing that if I maintain positive thoughts and actions, then positive actions and thoughts (in the form of your post for example) will be returned. in my experience on the topic as a casual conversation with people, they view the concept with skepticism and doubt. It’s too bad, because it’s those same thoughts and perceptions that ultimately hold them back. Every day I express my gratitude for everything, even the simplest of things such as a hummingbird fluttering close to me. I know that acknowledging and being grateful for just an existence is paramount in becoming aware and actually being able to manifest change in my life. Ah, manifesting…that is a subject for another day, and one I have personally borne witness too, both in its good form and its bad…

    You are wise beyond your years; your achievements are only limited by the belief in yourself. Thank you, Lily, for a beautiful read.


    1. Hi James,
      That’s a very thoughtful comment of yours. I am very happy to know that I bring value and motivation to your journey with the Law of Attraction.
      I definitely understand what you are talking about, especially the experiences during hard times. Keep pushing through and focus on the end results. You will get what you want in the most surprising way.

  2. Hi there! I just read your article on your 5-point plan for an amazing glow up, and I loved it. As someone looking to up my self-care game and feel more confident, your tips resonated with me. I especially appreciated your focus on inner growth and mindfulness rather than just surface-level changes. Building self-love, practicing gratitude, and visualizing your best life are such important reminders. And I love how you emphasize taking small, manageable steps instead of overwhelming makeovers. Your writing style is so warm and uplifting – it made me feel like I can actually achieve meaningful growth through your guidance. Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful roadmap for becoming our best selves holistically. I came away feeling truly inspired and empowered. Looking forward to trying these ideas for my own journey. Really enjoyed this!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!
      I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed my article on the 5-point plan for an amazing glow up. It warms my heart to know that the tips resonated with you, especially the focus on inner growth and mindfulness.
      Remember, you are capable of amazing things, and I believe in you.

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