Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption – Just Assume and Get it!

neville goddard and law of assumption: a man is thinking

Have you ever heard about Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption?  The Law of Assumption can be considered as  a technique that helps you apply the Law of Attraction more effectively.

Neville Goddard who is a spiritual teacher and the father of the law of assumption stated that by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you can attract what you desire into your reality.

If you want to learn about the Law of Assumption, this will be the only article you ever need to read.

neville goddard and law of assumption: a man is thinking

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: Let’s grasb the basic idea here!

I would like to begin this topic by sharing a story that Neville Goddard recounted in one of his seminars. The story is about one Neville’s friends who was borned in poverty in Russia during the 1900s. 


This little boy never owned anything for himself and all of his belongings, including his clothes and shoes, were charity items given to his family.

The boy’s daily duty was to go to the bank and bring the money back to the shop where he worked. One day, he noticed that silver and copper looked very similar and he wished that the cashier would make a mistake and give him silver instead of copper.

Although the cashier did not make a mistake that day, the idea of receiving silver made the boy happy.  When he went home, he was excited and started dreaming about all the things he could buy with the extra money. He ignored the fact that he hadn’t received anything yet and became fully immersed in the exciting scenarios of what he could do with the extra money. He imagined buying food, new shoes, and new clothes that he had always desired.

He experienced a great amount of joy just by walking in that assumption.

And the next day, the cashier made that mistake.

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: picture of a 1 dollar coin

Form that experience, he knew from his instinct that there was something more about life, that somehow his mind could control reality. He started to apply the same principles in many aspects of his life. Later on, he totally turned his life around and became a wealthy man just by utilizing the principle based on that first experience with the Law of Assumption.

So what is the basic idea of the law of assumption?

As humans, we are taught to see and believe it. We are taught to only believe in what we can see or feel with our physical sense. This is the reason why we keep manifesting the same old things again and again.

Because we see it, we acknowledge their existence, believe in them, and therefore make the same choices repeatedly and leading to the same results every time. That way, nothing new comes into our lives.

And we wonder why we tend to have the same kind of job, deal with the same kind of situations at work, or facing the same problems with repeated patterns of people. It always happened even if we change jobs or even move to a different country.

This is what’s called the reality loopwhen we keep manifesting the same thing over and over again.

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: picture of a loop of stairs

But let’s think about it! How many of the wonderful things we have today were created by thinking and perceiving the world in that same old way? Airplanes, the internet, and the greatest inventions of our time all happened because there were people who believed in their vision more than what was in the outside world.

They always saw it in their heads first before it could show up in reality.

That is the fundamental truth of the Law of Assumption. That ‘s what you need to learn to create anything you want in life.

When people talk about Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption, they talk about creating miracles, doing the impossible!

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: picture of a man holding a light

How can we apply the Law of Assumption into our life:

“An assumption, though false, if persisted it will harden into fact”

Neville Goddard.

How does our brain reason for all the great things that other people achieve? We think that they must be smart or lucky or that it’s just a coincidence.

However, everyone has the same capability to achieve anything they want. It’s not always the smartest people who are the most successful. There are countless examples that we can see in the world today. And the argument that they are just lucky or it’s a coincidence is simply an excuse that our mind makes up because it can’t find any other logical explanation for what’s happening.

So, what is stopping us from getting what we want?

The universe will only give us what we think we deserve. 

In my article about “How Does Law of Attraction Work?”, I explained how our subconscious mind has more control over ourselves than we realize. The more we become aware of our unconscious habits and actions and learn to modify them, the more conscious we become in life.

We have to believe in the desired scenarios and reprogram our subconscious mind to perceive life in a different life. When we believe in the end results, we won’t be desperate or lose hope easily. We will think and act differently, and therefore, we will get different results.

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: picture of a man  is thinking

Besides using affirmations to reprogram our subconscious mind, as I mentioned in my other article here, we can also observe ourselves and identify any old patterns of thought that have been ingrained in our subconscious for a long time. It’s important to recognize these patterns and modify them.

Whenever you catch yourself falling into a negative pattern that doesn’t serve you, or behaving as if you’re unworthy of your desires, stop and imagine what you would do if you were already living in your dream reality. What would a person who has financial freedom, runs a successful business or is in a healthy, happy relationship do and react?

 Every time you make a different choice, it’s a victory. Over time, these small victories add up, and you eventually reprogram your subconscious mind or say differently – to become a new person – someone who lives in a new reality.

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: picture of a determined woman

I know it’s easier said than done.

Even when we’ve determined our desired visions, but when we come out of the visualization we face the now reality 90% of the time. It would be easy to fall back into the old patterns, especially when we receive certain behaviors from others that make us react in familiar ways. It’s okay if you react or do things that you may not feel proud of.

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption: picture of a man thinking by the window

Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption remind us to sit back at the end of the day and think about that situation again. Consider what you would do differently if that same situation happened again. Rehearse in your mind what you would do as if the situation had happened.

As I said, our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between an imaginative act and what really happened. That’s why it will treat the event you think about as if it has already happened. By doing this, your brain will hardwire the new pattern of thought and action. It’s no longer a record of the past, but instead, it’s memorizing a version of yourself in the future

I hope this post about Neville Goddard and Law of Assumption has given you a new perspective and a new way to apply the law of assumption to your mind. Remember, our reality is always shaped first in our mind. Instead of trying to change things outside, we only need to change our subconscious mind.

Let me know in the comments what you think, as I would love to hear your ideas and opinions.

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