How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

My goal when I start up this blog is to help you understand more about many mechanism that really affect and detremine the happiness of our life. I want to clarify, explain the Law of Attraction which according to me is what running the Universer under many different angles to make you come closer to the answer that you are seeking for. Today, we are back with the basic question How does Law of Attraction work?

In today post, this question is gonna be answered through the relationship between our consisuocs and subconscious mind, and how that relationship create a paradigm that we re living in and eventually create the results we see in life.

So, let s get into it.

how does law of attraction work?

How does The Law of Attraction work through our subconscious mind ?

“To change your results, you must first change your thinking. And to change your thinking, you must change your paradigms.”

Bob Proctor

In 1990, Joel Barker wrote in his book “Paradigms” the following: “To be able to shape your future, you have to be willing and able to change your paradigm.”

So, what is a paradigm?

Our mind consists of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind, also called the thinking mind, is where we have our awareness of our surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in the present moment. It is the part of the mind that we use to process information, make decisions, and take actions.

The subconscious mind, also called the emotional mind, is often contrasted with the conscious mind. The subconscious mind operates below the level of conscious awareness and is responsible for many of our automatic thoughts, emotions, and behavior

how does law of attraction work?: picture of a brain

The main difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is the ability to select the information it wants to absorb. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind has no ability to reject. It absorbs everything that is given to it.

The subconscious mind also cannot differentiate between what is in our imagination and what is real. If you imagine a scenario and evoke corresponding emotions in your mind, your subconscious will interpret it as if it were real. It is unable to judge what is true and what is not.

The deciding factor is that even though our subconscious mind is unable to choose or select what is given to it, it dictates what we do and therefore creates the results in reality.

You might think that your actions, lifestyle, decision-making, and what you consider important are all results of your thinking. However, the majority of your decisions and reactions in life come from your subconscious mind.

Why do many people who are brilliant get bad results? Why do many people have extensive knowledge and know what to do but never actually do it? It’s because their paradigm is working against them.

how does law of attraction work?

Some people may even going back to school with the thought if they have more knowledge, they would be more successful. In fact, most people are not short on knowledege, they are short on a proper behaivor patterns. A right mind set which unfortunately is not taught in school will propell them toward success. 

“A paradigm is a multitude of habits that are lodged in your subconscious mind. If you want to change your results, you must first change your paradigm.”

Bob Proctor

A paradigm is a multitude of habits that are lodged in the subconscious mind and that control our behavior and shape our perception of reality.

Paradigms are mental programs that we inherit from our environment, including our upbringing, education, culture, and past experiences. They are the beliefs, values, attitudes, and assumptions that govern our thoughts, feelings, and actions, often without our conscious awareness or control.

how does law of attraction work?

There are two main elements that affect our paradigm when we first come into life:

The first one is our genetic program. We inherit some of our traits or even belief systems from our parents. Many of them were passed down through many generations and most of them don’t really make sense.

The second one is the influence we get from people around us when we were little. Up to the age of 4, our subconscious mind operates powerfully when we didn’t have a conscious mind yet. At that time, as a child, our subconscious mind was wide open and absorbed everything that was around us.

That’s how our paradigm, including our self-image and other core values, is formed, from whatever happened in our early childhood life when we didn’t even have the ability to think.

how does law of attraction work? a woman and her child

A paradigm will dictate how we act and therefore dictate what we get in life. In other words, our paradigm – what is running in our subconscious mind – will determine our results and what we attract into our lives. That’s how the law of attraction operates by attracting to us whatever is running in our subconscious mind.

You can check out the video of Bob Proctor explaining about the topic of shifting the paradigm here:

How to change your paradigm to get better results in life? (based on how the Law of Attraction works)

Understanding how the law of attraction works, we come to the conclusion that if you want to change your life, you have to change your paradigm. There ‘s no other way around it!

A method that Bob Proctor and many teachers have taught is using affirmations. Using affirmations is how we get new information into our conscious mind – that’s how we make the choice on what’s best for us. We choose thoughts that serve ourselves.

By repeating new positive thoughts, positive affirmations, we can reprogram our subconscious mind.

how does law of attraction work? the word "think positive"

You can start with choosing an affirmation that resonates with you on any aspect in your life that you want to improve. Repeat your affirmations as much as you can. I’m talking about repeating your affirmation hundreds of times a day, being really consistent with it for as long as like 90 days or until the new idea is ingrained deeply into your subconscious mind.

Bob Proctor talked about how he used to record his affirmations on an audio cassette tape and play it repeatedly in his car while driving everyday. He played his affirmations over and over again until the point where everybody else thought he was losing it

By listening to his recorded affirmations repeatedly, he was able to embed the new beliefs and thought patterns in his subconscious mind, and over time they became his new default mode of thinking and behavior. You can do the same.

how does law of attraction work?

The more frequently you repeat your affirmations, the more effective they will be in helping to shift your paradigm and achieve your goals.

Remember, your subconscious mind will listen to anything you give it. A new subconscious mind will naturally lead you to new results. It simply decides what comes to you in life.

Final Words

I hope I helped you answer the question of how does law of attraction work? In conclusion, our paradigm, which is the sum of our beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions, is what we need to change in order to attract what we want into our life. To change our paradigm, we must reprogram our subconscious mind by using affirmations and consistently repeating positive thoughts and beliefs. I hope the knowledge of how the law of attraction works has helped you have a clearer view of how to attract what you want into your life.

Please let me know in the comments what you think about the topic, and don’t hesitate to leave any comments.

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