The Law of Attraction and Health: 2 Studies That Will Amaze You

Hi, I’m back.

I’ve spent the past few weeks focusing on a very interesting book. I’ve come across 2 great studies from the book that I’d love to share with you. These studies are purely scientific and were conducted by researchers under strict  requirements, and they unequivocally support the law of attraction. In particular, they shed light on the effects of the law of attraction on health. I’m excited to share them with you so we can explore the growing body of evidence linking science and the law of attraction.

I hope this post piques your interest and encourages you to apply these simple yet powerful principles in your life,  reaping great benefits along the way.

The Law of Attraction and Health: a stack of books

The Law of Attraction and Health

Research Study: Counterclockwise – Langer, E. (2009). 

Is It Possible to reverse aging in our body?

Have you ever wonder:

If we can change our mindset or improve our lifestyle to feel younger inside, could we actually turn back the physical clock and make ourselves look and function younger? 

The award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has been on this fascinating quest for over three decades, unraveling the secrets of this captivating question.

Bear with me, because you will be stunned after getting to know about her groundbreaking research study.

The Law of Attraction and Health: Ellen Langer
Ellen Langer, Ph.D. Havard University

In the Counterclockwise Study in 1979, Ellen Langer and her team gathered a group of eight elderly men in their late 70s and early 80s.

These men did not know the purpose of the research, except that they would spend a week at a retreat center and were not allowed to bring any pictures, newspapers, magazines, or anything dated after 1959.

During their time at the retreat, the participants were immersed in an environment that encouraged them to think, act, and converse as if they were 20 years younger. This involved everything from dressing in 1950s clothing to discussing current events from 1959, watching TV shows, and listening to music from that era. They were even given ID badges with names and pictures from the 1950s.

The Law of Attraction and Health: men in the 1950s

Langer and her team made observations and collected data throughout the experiment, measuring various physical and cognitive parameters before, during, and after the retreat.

Throughout the week, they were also instructed to talk about President Eisenhower and other events that happened during the 1950s as if they really lived in that period.

In short, everything was designed as if they were really living in the 1950s when they were around 50 years of age.

What are the results?

The results were astonishing.

Over the course of the study, the participants showed remarkable improvements in various aspects of participant’s health.

Improved Physical Abilities:

They demonstrated increased flexibility, strength, and dexterity. Some participants experienced better eyesight and hearing, with their average eyesight improving by almost 10%.

Sharper Cognitive Functions:

Cognitive functions also appeared to improve, with participants showing better memory and performance on cognitive tests.

Youthful Transformation:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the study was that the participants not only felt younger but also looked younger.

Random people who didn’t know about the experiment were shown pictures of the participants before and after the experiment and asked to guess their age. Based on these objective ratings, on average, these men looked three years younger than when they first arrived at the retreat.

So, just by living and behaving as if they were in their 50s, their physical bodies really appeared to get younger. The Counterclockwise Study has had a lasting impact on the fields of psychology and gerontology, and Ellen Langer’s work continues to be influential in exploring the connection between the mind and physical health.

You can read more about the study here:

Do you the similarity here?

This phenomenon aligns with the Law of Attraction’s underlying principle, which suggests that our thoughts and beliefs can influence our reality. In the study, the participants’ perception of being younger seemed to influence their physical reality, resulting in a more youthful state.

In essence, the Counterclockwise Study suggests that by changing your perception and mindset can indeed have a significant impact on physical health and aging. It underscores the idea that our beliefs and perceptions can influence our physical reality, aligning with the Law of Attraction’s core philosophy that our thoughts have the power to shape our lives.

Research study: Mindset matter: Exercise and the placebo effect. Crum, A.J. & Langer, E.J. (2007)

Ali Crum, a researcher from Yale University, and Ellen Langer conducted an experiment that really made me think again about my approach to dieting and weight loss.

Ali Crum AB, Harvard University, Psychology (2005)
PhD, Yale University, Clinical Psychology (2012)

At seven different hotels, they informed half of the cleaning staff about the amount of exercise they were getting every day just by doing their job. They explained how similar vacuuming was to cardio workout, while the other half received no information. 

Those who were informed about the health benefits of their daily work tasks experienced positive changes in their health parameters. In contrast, those who didn’t receive this information showed no such improvements.

The Law of Attraction and Health: a cleaning staff

The cleaning staff who had been primed to think of their work as exercise actually lost weight. And their cholesterol levels also went down.

The amazing thing is they were doing the same tasks as before, no extra exercises – the only change was how they looked at their job, like it was helping them burn calories and lose weight. How awesome is that!

You can read more about the study here:

The water manifestation method

This actually brings to mind a manifestation technique that used to be all over the internet – the one about manifesting weight loss through water. 

The Law of Attraction and Health: a woman is drinking water

It’s simple but intriguing.

The idea is to set an intention with every glass of water you drink, believing that it’s helping you lose weight. You’re basically using your thoughts to create a positive impact on your body, all while sipping on that glass of water.

So, maybe no need to starve yourself or hit the gym for extra workouts – your mindset is your secret weapon for shedding those pounds!

The Conclusion – the Law of Attraction and Health

I believe we still have a long journey ahead to comprehensively understand the Law of Attraction or the Law of Assumption from a scientific perspective.

Yet, as more scientists explore human nature and our world, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that these principles are in sync with what these laws are preaching.

I’d encourage you to give these principles a try in your life. You can delve into more research if you’re interested in the scientific aspect of the Law of Attraction. The two studies I mentioned here are just a small fraction of the many, many more research studies available today.

I hope you find this post interesting and can start to apply these knowledge in your everyday life.

4 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction and Health: 2 Studies That Will Amaze You”

  1. This is an interesting article.  I agree with the law of attraction in terms of weight loss:  It’s all about the mindset.  This is the same with my job.  I used the law of attraction with my current job as Corrections Food Service Instructor.  That job keeps me mobile through the shift.  So, I would use that thought to my advantage.  

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I couldn’t agree more about the power of the law of attraction when it comes to various aspects of our lives, including weight loss and career.
      Keep up the positive thinking and using the law of attraction to your advantage!

  2. Hi Lily,

    It’s definitely true that whatever you believe in, happens. And if you are a positive, hopeful person, you will radiate a happy, fulfilled  life.

    I’m amazed with that Counter clockwise experiment. I guess our bodies adapt to what we believe in, like those old men in the experiment felt and acted like they were younger in that certain era, and voila, they looked youthful, thus feeling happier and stronger, as well.

    The law of attraction is really true!


    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s fascinating to see how our thoughts and attitudes can shape not only our perception of the world but also our physical experiences.

      The counter-clockwise experiment is indeed a compelling example of the mind-body connection. It’s incredible how our beliefs and perceptions can have a tangible impact on our health and vitality.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts—it’s a topic that never fails to spark meaningful conversations!

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