The science behind law of attraction – part 2

Hi, I’m back again with part 2 of the series about The Science behind Law of Attraction. In the first part, we learned about all the fascinating facts from quantum physics that support the Law of Attraction.

In this second part of the series, I would like to introduce to you many more pieces of evidence and supporting scientific experiments that have been conducted across various industries, which prove that the Law of Attraction brings us a great deal of benefits.

How the science behind law of attraction is reflected in sports performance:

Visualization techniques have been extensively utilized in the field of sports psychology to enhance athletes’ performance.

Athletes utilize the fact that our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between imagining an activity and actually performing it. By visualizing themselves performing actions like exercising or executing athletic maneuvers such as throwing a ball or performing a high jump, they stimulate the same muscles in the brain that they would use during the actual action.

Before a match, it’s common for athletes to feed their brains with mental images of the actions they plan to perform, in order to achieve optimal results.

This is a short clip of Micheal Phelps talking about how he uses the visualization technique in his practices:

Now, I want you to look at the science behind Law of Attraction through scientist’s lenses.

Here are a few examples of studies that have proved the effects of visualization on sports performance:

Free Throw Shooting: A study published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology which was conducted by Feltz and Landers in 1983  found that visualization exercises can improve free throw shooting in basketball players

The study was conducted on two groups of basketball players, one that practiced visualization exercises for free throw shooting and one that didn’t. The group that practiced visualization exercises showed a significant improvement in their free throw shooting accuracy compared to the control group. 

The science behind law of attraction - a man is ready to run

Sprint Performance: Another study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that by praticing visualization, athletes can improve their sprint performance in track and field.

The experiments involve two groups and let one group praticed visualization exercises for sprinting while the other one just participate in regular training as normal. The group that practiced visualization exercises showed a better performance with their sprint than the other

The science behind law of attraction: athletes are running

Weightlifting Performance: A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that visualization exercises can also improve weightlifting performance in powerlifters.

Two group of powerlifters was participating in the experiments. The group that imagined themselves perform weightlif have a significant better performance than the group that just doing the same regular training routine without praticing visualization

The science behind law of attraction - a man is doing weight lifting

Golf Performance:  Now we ‘ve come to my favorite sport – golfing. During my time playing this sport I have always heard a saying that “Visualization is the most powerful thing we have” , just simply by practicing visualization – by thinking about how I want perform a hit, and the desired outcome i want to get, the improvement in my results is undeniable. 

The science behind law of attraction: picture of a golf field

A study was conducted by Gregg Afman and Mark B. Andersen in 2015, published in the International Journal of Golf Science found that visualization exercises can improve golf performance in novice golfers.

Two group of novice golfers was involved in the experiments, one group practice visualizations exercise for golf and the other one didn’t.

The group with the extra visualization exercises showed a significant improvement in their golf performance compared to the other group.

The science behind law of attraction - a man is playing golf

The Science Behind Law of Attraction in enhancing illness treatments and patient recovery:

The placebo effects:

Im sure we all have must heard about placebo effects. 

Placebo effects refer to the phenomenon where a person experiences a perceived improvement in their symptoms or condition due to the belief that they are receiving a beneficial treatment, even if the treatment itself has no actual therapeutic effect. 

The science behind law of attraction - picture of medicine

Placebo effects can occur in a wide range of contexts, including clinical trials for new medications, alternative therapies, and even in everyday life situations.

Do you know that in clinical trials, when they test the effectiveness of a new medicine, researchers often give some participants a placebo in order to compare the effects of the active treatment to the effects of the placebo. If the effect of a new treatment or medicine is just slightly better than a placebo effect, it highly would be considered successful and approved.

The science behind law of attraction: a doctor is treating his patient

Placebo effects could be explanied by the brain’s ability to release natural chemicals, such as endorphins and dopamine, in response to the belief that a treatment is effective.

So once again we can see that our beliefs and expectations about the futures outcomes can have a direct impact on our brains and eventually our bodies. This is a clear scientific evidence behind law of attraction.

Placebo effects can also be influenced by factors such as the patient’s expectations, the clinician’s demeanor, and the context in which the treatment is given.

The more a patient trusts in the benefit of the treatment, the ability of the doctor, and the clinic’s reputation, the more they are likely to experience the benefits of placebo effects.

Other circumstantial elements also play a part, such as the overall emotional state of the patient, their mental health, and the support they receive from loved ones

Understand more how  placebo effect get explained under neurosicence’s perspective through the video  from 2020 Brain Awareness Video Contest here:

The Harvard ‘s experiments on placebo effects with IBS patients:

One well-known experiment on placebo effects was conducted by Harvard Medical School researcher Ted Kaptchuk and his colleagues in 2010.

In the study, Kaptchuk and his team recruited 80 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The patients were divided into three groups:

one group received no treatment,

one group received a placebo pill that was clearly labeled as such,

and one group received placebo pills that were labeled as an “open-label placebo” (meaning that the patients were fully aware that that they were receiving a placebo, but were told that the placebo pill had been shown to have healing effects).

The science behind law of attraction - picture of a doctor

The results of the study were striking: both groups that received the placebo pills reported significant improvements in their IBS symptoms, significantly improved than the group that received no treatment.

Even more surprisingly to the researchers, the group that received the open-label placebo reported the greatest improvements among the three groups.

The science behind law of attraction: a doctor is talking to her patient

Kaptchuk’s study demonstrated that the placebo effect can be powerful even when patients are aware that they are receiving a placebo, and that the way placebos are administered can influence their effectiveness. The study also highlighted the importance of the therapeutic relationship between patients and clinicians, and suggested that empathy and trust can play a key role in the placebo effect.

You can read more about the study and Ted Kaptchuk’s discussion in Havard Magazine here.

I hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the science behind the law of attraction. The truth is not so far from us, if you pay some attention to the events and things that happen everyday in our daily life, you can see the proof of Law of Attraction existing around us everyday.

Don’t hesitate to leave me any comments or feedbacks about what you think on the topic.

See you again soon!

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