How To Do The Julia Method

Today, I want to bring back a method that was very popular back in 2020, which helps people, especially beginners, in manifesting and shifting their reality or manifesting what they want with the Law of Attraction.

With the Law of Attraction, in my personal experiences, the fastest and easiest way to manifest anything is to change your identity. It means shifting your own identity from a person who doesn’t have what you want to the person who has what you want, making that thing an obvious, natural occurrence that already exists in your life, in your reality.

So, let’s get into what the Julia method is and how to do the Julia method to shift your reality towards fulfilling your desires.

How to do the Julia method: a girl is sitting watching the sea

How to do the Julia method

The Julia method is a combination of many strong methods in the Law of Attraction, with the end purpose of shifting your reality to one where your desires already exist. You’ll notice many familiar methods incorporated into just one, making it an effective and fast way to shift reality.

The Julia method can be used as a sleep and awake method. You can combine it with SATS to shift while you sleep or stay awake and follow each step to start shifting.

Here are the steps to do the Julia method:

Step 1: Get yourself comfortable

This appears to be the very first step in every manifestation routine. Yes, it’s important to keep your vibrations high, feeling positive, and relaxed. If at the moment, you can’t feel positive maybe because of some circumstances, or you are just being exhausted, it’s fine. At least be relaxed and comfortable, that’s something you can do.

To help yourself get into this comfortable, relaxing, no resistance state, you can play some theta waves, some people prefer white noise, or ocean waves, rain sounds. You can also play some subliminals, anything that fosters your relaxation.

For me, I like to turn on some soft instrumental music. Sometimes, I will do small mindfulness practices like 5 minutes of meditation or sitting still and watching a piece of flowers, my plant pot, or just slowly taking in the space around me. Mindfulness practice always works wonders in helping calm me and making me focus on the present moment right now, which is very important in manifestation.

Step 2: Repeating affirmations about shifting reality

After getting yourself comfortable and relaxed, now you can start to shift. Now just repeat affirmations that start with “I am”.

For example:

  • I am shifting realities or I am in my desired realities
  • My mind is a powerful tool and I am effortlessly shifting to a new reality.
  • With ease and grace, I am in my desired realities.

For affirmations, I suggest using present tense to trick the mind and make you feel like you are already in your new reality.

At this point, you should feel yourself in a relaxed state and be ready for the shifting, or you may even have already shifted.

This is described as “the void state”.

The void state is the state where you are just consciousness. It’s normal when you will lose the feelings of your body, you may feel like you are floating, spinning, or falling. Some people say they lose the sense of the surroundings, and as if they are just floating in the air in a nonness.

Step 3: Slowly count to 100 while doing affirmations

Now that you are in the state where your subconscious is all ears and you have the control to choose and shape your reality. This is where you will put in the affirmations related to your desires to help ingrain the new reality into your subconscious mind.

Slowly count to 100 and repeat affirmations, preferably affirmations that focus on the new identity, describing who you are with your new mindset, the person who has your desires.

You can count 1, 2, 3 and insert affirmations. Or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and insert affirmations. Keep doing it until you reach 100.

Before getting started with the method, it’s best to pick out a list of affirmations that you feel the most resonating to use during this time. I suggest not picking more than 3, the fewer affirmations, the clearer and more focused you can be during this time.

Step 4: Visualizing about your desired reality

Now, use all your senses to feel and visualize your new reality: how you look, how you feel, the way you walk and talk in the new reality when you already have what you want.

Let yourself immerse in the feeling of the new reality. According to Abraham, the first manifestation shows up in the feeling we have. That’s why we always feel things first before they really show up in our 3D world.

At this point, if you can visualize clearly your new reality and feel all the senses as if you are already in the new reality, then you have really shifted to your desired reality.

What if at this point, you feel nothing? or it just feels unreal and not resonating with you?

Some people suggest returning to step 3, start counting from 1 to 100, and repeat the affirmations. You can try that.

In my experience, especially when I have such a big blockage or resistance that makes it harder to trust in a new reality, I just allow myself to stop there. I acknowledge my efforts and thank the universe for my small visit to my desired reality. I know I’m coming closer to it. Then I will stop and try again at a different time.

It’s important to not push yourself too hard when you don’t feel like you want to.

And that’s it for how to do the Julia method. Next, will be some questions I find many people may have regarding to the practice of this method

Can you do the Julia method if you have a problem or can’t do visualization?

I have to say visualization plays a big part in the Julia method as it helps you to feel and live in the desired reality. However, some people may find they often struggle with visualization, as sometimes I find myself in that place too. So, here is a big tip for you if you think you’re not good with visualization.

Visualization is actually very easy, doesn’t require efforts or trying to think and imagine like you think it is.

Think of visualization like recalling a memory. When you remember something that happened, it’s often very easy and doesn’t require effort, right?

Visualization is just like remembering something that has happened in your desired reality. Think of your desires like something that already happened, like you truly experienced it in a different reality, and now you’re just recalling it and reliving it.

In every possible scenario in the multiverse, everything happens, and as someone who engages in visualization (or recalls memories in the desired reality), you become the observer. This eventually activates that scenario to become the reality you will live in.

What people say about the Julia method

After learning about how to do the Julia method, to give you some inspirations, I want to shows you my collections of opnions people talking about this method and what made this method so popular back in the 2020s.

Here are some experiences with this methods:


“Honestly this was insane, I will definitely try again tomorrow night, i was so close to shifting, I could feel it, I felt all tingly and twitchy and it was so freaky”


“the best advice I shoud give to you is: stop worrying about it. “how am i gonna feel? When the music fades i will open my eyes? Is this a symptom?” cause this may cause anxiety on you and its different for everyone but yeah, in a logical sense and you shift you stop hearing the music cause you are in another body. Just do your method pretending it is just a meditation to shift, no expectations, just relaxation and feeling the vibe of the vibrations, and your body getting more and more asleep.”

There is a survey on Reddit about shifting experiences that you may want to look at to understand more about shifting realities among people. There are some very interesting answers from this survey.

Among these, there is a question about which method they used for shifting, and I will quote them below:

Question: What has been your most successful shifting method?”

47.6% (39 people) – Haven’t Shifted

3.7% (3 people) – I am Method

13.4% (11 people) – Intention Method

14.6% (12 people) – Julia Method

3.7% (3 people) – Raven Method

The rest were people who chose other. The most common response there was the Lucid Dreaming Method.

And a response from a person when answering the question “What would you say to people needing help with shifting?” that caught my interest.

it takes time and effort, and yeah, motivation is easy to lose but it has to happen eventually right? even if not, what do you lose? a few minutes every night? dont take this opportunity you have for granted.

Don’t stop trying! It’ll take some time, most things don’t happen on the first time, and don’t be jealous of those that have shifted on their first or second try—if anything, make it motivate you!

If you have doubts then acknowledge them and use them to grow stronger and move forward. It’s okay to have doubts and just overall believe. They are all waiting for you. You are strong.

You know shifting for a reason, so just hang in there and trust the process. It’ll come when most unexpected.

The important thing is to relax and let it come as it does. Forcing it is just stressful. Focus on the positive feelings that you get from the idea of limitless possibilities and know that you get closer with each attempt. Think about your partial successes (whether they’re symptoms, mini-shifts, signs etc) and don’t focus on the lack of completion. Being excited about those little things helps keep my head space in a good place for it!

It takes patience,, and dont get frustrated if you dont shift, trust me, one day you will. I have friends that it took like a year to shift, but they still ended up shifting! If you feel as if your gettin frustrated, take breaks until you feel better. Happy shifting!

do anything you can to shift, anything that will get us out of this dystopia

You can read the full survey here.

Final words

I hope this post helps you answer the question of how to do the Julia method. Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to manifestation, so feel free to modify or even mix this method with others to work best for you.

As long as the method helps you to induce the feeling of living in your new desired reality, then it will work. As feelings are the very first indication of any manifestation, whichever method can bring you the feelings, that’s the one you should go for.

Let me know in the comments your experiences and what you think about this method. Until next time, take care!


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