Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong?

Today, we have a controversial topic in the law of attraction community.

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can manifest anything you want,” but what about when it involves people? People aren’t as simple as money or things, people have free will. Just as you have your own free will, so do others. But what if your desire to bring someone into your life clashes with their freedom to choose, or with someone else’s? This leads us to the question: “Is manifesting a specific person wrong?”

I find this question incredibly intriguing and deserving of a nuanced and thorough answer. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire post to it. By the end of this post, you won’t just have an answer to ponder, but you’ll also gain deeper insights. So, let’s get started.

Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong? a men and a woman

To thoroughly learn if manifesting a specific person is wrong, let’s start by figuring out why we want to do it in the first place.

Why do you want to manifest a specific person?

At first glance, this might appear to have an obvious answer.

Why do you want to manifest a specific person?

  • Well, maybe it’s because we really like them
  • or we think life would be much better with them around.
  • Perhaps we just want to feel loved.
  • Perhaps we just want or be happy…

While these answers seem reasonable and valid, the real issue arises with why does it have to be that specific person? Can we achieve all the things above only through that specific person? So, from the question itself, we are already deciding the “how” we want to achieve our desires. And that seems to be the problem, especially when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

This occurs with many people when it comes to manifesting a specific person. The issue lies in their sole focus on that particular person. Even if someone else with admirable qualities and a wonderful personality enters their life, many still prefer the person they’ve chosen.

Even if you don’t believe you’re like that, when you fixate on a specific person or harbor strong feelings for someone, that inclination exists within you to some extent.

Think of it like an alcoholic seeking relief from stress and frustration by turning to alcohol, even though they know it’s not good for them and there are healthier alternatives. Just as an alcoholic always turns to alcohol for temporary relief and ends up feeling tired and wanting more.

The reason behind your obsession

Love is not obsession.

Love doesn’t overwhelm us with feelings of desperation and the need to have someone.

Love makes us feel happy instead of drowning in constant anxiety, worry, feeling bad about ourselves, or even trying to change ourselves to please someone else.

Love is a high vibration, while obsession is not, and that’s why it tires us out.

So I hope by now you understand the difference between love and obsession. However in many cases, we think we’re loving someone, but in reality, we’re just obsessing over that person or the idea of love we have in mind. So, where does that obsession come from?

Obsession in love usually indicates an emotional need to fulfill something lacking in our lives.

Obsession in love, especially with a specific person, can sometimes stem from deeper psychological patterns.

For instance, that person may resemble one or both of your parents, especially if you experienced trauma or unresolved issues in your childhood. Seeking love from this specific individual may be a subconscious attempt to gain the approval or validation you never received from your parents.

Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong? a child and his parents

This emotional attachment can be intense, as you try to recreate or heal past wounds through this relationship. However, seeking validation from a specific person to fill a void from childhood can lead to unhealthy dependence patterns, preventing you from forming truly fulfilling and balanced relationships.

In conclusions, obsession is something exists at different degree in any type of desires to manifest a specific person. And obsession is often stemmed from past hurt and traumatize.

Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong?

Now we have understand the nature of the needs to manifest a specific person, now we come to the big question ” Is manifesting a specific person wrong?”

I will answer this question based on these 3 scenarios that we will have with manifesting specific person.

Scenario 1: You manifested your specific person successfully, and you two can live happily ever after.

In this scenario, it’s obvious that you made the right decision. The fact that you two can come together, grow together, and live happily together is proof that there’s nothing wrong with manifesting a specific person in this case.

You meet someone, and you just know they’re right for you. You sense it, you feel it deep down. So, you use everything you’ve got—manifesting, taking action—to pursue that person and the relationship. And you end up successfully be with your person. So, go for it.

Some people meet their partner once and already know that’s the one. These are the success stories of manifesting a specific person.

The common theme here is that despite experiencing ups and downs in your relationship journey, spending time with your partner brings a sense of growth and happiness. You both feel like you’re becoming better versions of yourselves through the relationship.

Scenario 2: You manifested your specific person successfully but the relationship won’t work out

Yes, you can still successfully manifest a person through the Law of Attraction or even manipulation, even if that person simply doesn’t align with you at all. This is more common than we might think. Imagine how frequently we encounter someone who may be highly attractive or possess specific traits that captivate us, yet their lifestyle and behaviors fail to align with ours.

In this scenario, you will typically enter into the relationship and gradually realize that you can’t handle staying with this person long-term. This often comes with heartaches, sometimes a prolonged period of toxic behavior, misery and heartbreak.

This is when you will learn the lesson that you chose to learn—the lesson that helps you wake up and avoid getting involved in the same pattern of becoming obsessed with somebody for superficial reasons. I consider this learning the lesson the hard way because you have to go through many heartaches and pains dealing with a person who was never suitable for you from the beginning. You go through all the breakups, the end of a relationship.

Some people even call this the karma you have to pay for manifesting a specific person who was never right for you, but you refused to realize it.

Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong? a couple is talking

Why do I call this learning the hard way? Because we have scenario 3, where you are still able to learn the same lessons, but perhaps in a healthier and more nurturing way.

Scenario 3: Learn the lesson and move on

This might seem like a difficult and upsetting approach for many people, but believe me, it will help you navigate the situation faster and in a healthier way, avoiding heartaches and pain later on.

I’m not saying that you won’t be able to manifest your specific person. But before diving into it, you need to take a step back and understand why you’re feeling the way you do.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I truly admire and respect this person for who they are, beyond just their outward appearance or certain traits?
  • Am I interested in getting to know this person on a deeper level, including their values, beliefs, and life goals?
  • Do I feel a genuine emotional connection with this person, or am I solely focused on fulfilling my own desires?
  • Am I willing to accept this person’s flaws and imperfections, recognizing that nobody is perfect?
  • Do I feel happy and fulfilled when I’m with this person, or do I constantly feel anxious or insecure about the relationship?
  • Am I able to maintain my own sense of identity and independence within the relationship, or do I feel like I’m losing myself?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to all these questions, then you may consider continuing to manifest your person. However, always remember that you are inherently perfect and enough just as you are. This person, no matter how perfect they may seem, does not dictate your happiness. They are simply an addition, not a must in your life.

If you feel uneasy about answering these questions and they bring you back to reality, it might be time to dig deep and realize why you wanted this person in the first place. It may not be love as you think; it could just be your ego running wild. It might sound difficult, but trust me, with about a week of doing the right things, you can truly overcome your obsession.

Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong? a woman is in her thoughts

The realization that your feelings towards this person have become overwhelming and unreasonable, negatively impacting your life, marks a significant milestone.

Next, it’s important to pay attention to what triggers your thoughts and emotions about this person. Consider reducing or eliminating contact with them. Shift your focus inward and prioritize your own well-being. Challenge any irrational beliefs or fantasies you have about the person. I recommend discussing your feelings with trusted friends or family members.

Trying to manifest a specific person you’re obsessed with often leads to putting them on a pedestal. When you solely focus on making one specific person your partner, you may overlook other potentially great relationships. It’s important to acknowledge both the positive and negative aspects of someone before committing to them. Also, trying really hard to get one person to like you can make you put them on a pedestal. They might not have to do much in return which leads to a one-sided relationship.

Being fixated on just one person implies that you can only receive love from them, projecting a sense of lack. This limited mindset can make it difficult to feel love from other sources, trapping you in a cycle of unhappiness and keeping love at bay.

Instead, it’s advisable to keep an open mind to anything. This approach allows you to discover happiness and love in various places, not solely dependent on one specific person.

The explanation of the law’s concept.

The supporting teachings

So, as mentioned in the three scenarios above, manifesting a specific person isn’t inherently wrong, as long as you understand where you stand and how to handle it properly. Some argue that manifesting a specific person goes against the fundamental principles of free will and personal autonomy.

Let’s revisit some teachings of Neville Goddard. One teaching is that “Everyone in your reality is your self pushed out.” If you believe that all guys are jerks or that women can’t be trusted, you’ll likely encounter situations that confirm these beliefs.

Another teaching from Neville is that “Creation is finished.” All things already exist, right here and right now. There are infinite realities containing every version of the past, present, and future. Therefore, there are infinite versions of your specific person already existing, including the version that loves you and the version that does not.

Similarly, according to Abraham Hicks, “Everything you want already exists inside the Vortex.” It’s not about creating; it’s about receiving.

By being the observer and focusing on the right things, you can manifest your specific person.

However in my opinions, there are limits to manifesting a specific person. There’s the limit of your time and energy. You can’t just manifest random people or make everyone love you just for fun; that would be a waste of time and energy.

Your life lessons matter.

There are many specific people you can manifest throughout your life. Each person you choose will lead you down a different life path and help you learn certain lessons. However, there are certain types of people you’ll be arranged to meet during your life, and each choice you make will influence who you’ll meet later on. You can manifest your specific person, but you can’t manifest just anyone.

For example, you can’t just pick a random celebrity on TV and manifest them just because you feel like it or for fun and curiosity. Such actions don’t serve your life purpose or anyone else’s.

When teachers of the Law of Attraction or Law of Assumption say that you can manifest your specific person, they usually mean someone you already have a connection with, someone you feel is “the one” and with whom you want to experience life. That’s the kind of manifestation they’re talking about.

The solution if you have gone in too deep.

If you’re feeling stuck and consumed by thoughts of your specific person, finding it difficult to shake off the obsession, here’s a suggestion: Go general

Going general means we don’t focus on the details of our desires or the problem we are facing right now. Instead, we focus on more general things.

If you are in such a difficult situation, the more you focus on the details, the more resistance you will feel. This is the time you should take your mind off the problem, off the person and focus on something more positive, even if it’s not related to what you want to manifest at all.

Besides, going general, even on a totally different subject, helps to improve your mood, your vibrations, and gives you a fresh outlook. Later on, you can look back at your old situation and see it in a different light.

Final words

I hope this post has provided you with insight into the question, “Is Manifesting A Specific Person Wrong?”

In the end, our goal is never to be a specific thing or specific person, rather, it is to experience love and happiness. Love and happiness are not solely dependent on one specific person or type of love. They are qualities that can be brought to our lives through various people and lifestyles. So, remember to keep an open heart and mind, and embrace the abundance of love and happiness that surrounds you in different forms.

Also always trust in the Universe.




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