5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly

Personally, I believe that self-confidence plays a critical role in a person’s image. Sure, being attractive and successful helps, but it’s really about how you present yourself that determine your image and how people perceive about you.

Boosting self-confidence takes time and ongoing effort, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give ourselves a quick confidence boost, especially in important situations. In this post, I will share 5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly.

So, let’s get started

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a woman is smiling confidently

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly

Where does self confidence come from?

To understand the key factor how to become confident, I think its important to learn where does self confidence come from.

Self confidence is the results of the combination of many different factors. Some common factors including:


Having a clear understanding of your strengths, abilities, and values can contribute to self-confidence.How you perceive yourself affects how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself every day. 

If you constantly put yourself down, it’s no surprise that your self-esteem will suffer. On the other hand, if you have self-respect and value yourself, regardless of external achievements or social status, you will radiate a natural self-confidence. 

It stems from an inner belief in your worthiness, which positively impacts how you carry yourself.

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a woman is smelling a flower

Past Successes

Previous accomplishments and achievements can enhance self-confidence. When you have experienced success in certain areas, it reinforces your belief in your abilities.

Personal Growth and Learning: Engaging in continuous personal growth and learning can contribute to self-confidence. Acquiring new knowledge and skills expands your capabilities and enhances your belief in yourself. 

This also including stepping out of your comfort zone.

Overcoming Challenges

Successfully overcoming challenges and obstacles can significantly boost self-confidence. Each time you face and conquer a difficult situation, it reinforces your belief in your ability to handle future challenges.

Supportive Relationships

Having supportive and nurturing relationships can positively impact self-confidence. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and provide encouragement can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly

Positive Self-Talk and Mindset

There is incredible power in the act of looking yourself in the mirror and speaking positive affirmations about yourself.

“I am worthy of love, success, and happiness.”

“I am confident in my unique qualities and the value I bring to the world.”

“I believe in my abilities and trust in my skills.”

“I am deserving of respect, and I respect myself deeply.”

“I am enough, just as I am.”

As you repeat the affirmations, try to evoke the emotions associated with confidence.

Visualize yourself embodying the qualities and accomplishments described in the affirmations. Feel the confidence and self-assurance flowing through you.

This is an inspirational recording of Louise Hay ‘s affirmations to boost your self esteem:

The important tip here is not to tie your self-confidence solely to external factors such as success, achievements, or skills.

Your self-confidence should stem from the core essence of who you are—the raw and authentic you. This foundation is sustainable and provides strength to build upon.

By anchoring your self-confidence in your inherent worth and identity, you can weather any hardships or setbacks. Even in moments of defeat or when facing a loss of social status, you will still possess self-confidence because it is rooted in your true self, not dependent on external circumstances.

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a woman is standing confidently

Adjusting your body language

Adjusting your body language is indeed a powerful way to boost self-confidence

Stand tall

Adopting an upright posture with your shoulders back and head held high immediately conveys confidence. It not only improves your physical presence but also signals self-assuredness.


A genuine smile not only makes you appear approachable but also enhances your own positive emotions. Smiling signals confidence, warmth, and openness.

According to a study published in the journal Experimental Psychology, simply moving your facial muscles to imitate a smile can deceive your brain into entering a more positive state.

You can reach more about the study here: Your Face and Moves Seem Happier When I Smile, Exp Psychol. 2020;67(1):14-22. doi:10.1027/1618-3169/a000470

Use confident gestures

Make purposeful and controlled gestures that complement your speech.

For example, using hand gestures to illustrate concepts or making open and inviting gestures can help you connect with your audience.

Avoid fidgeting or crossing your arms, as these can convey nervousness or defensiveness.

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a woman is giving a speech

Take up space

Expand your body posture by not shrinking or making yourself small. Occupy space comfortably and assertively, whether you’re sitting or standing. This projects confidence and self-assuredness.

The “Power Pose” exercise

One effective exercise to practice expanding your body posture is the “Power Pose” exercise, inspired by social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s research.

  • Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, shoulders back, and head held high.
  • Open your chest and arms, creating a wide and open posture.
  • Imagine yourself as a confident and powerful individual.
  • Hold this pose for a couple of minutes, breathing deeply and intentionally.
5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a woman is doing the power pose

As you hold the Power Pose, focus on embodying the qualities of confidence and self-assuredness. Visualize yourself radiating positive energy, assertiveness, and inner strength. Feel the confidence permeating through your body and mind.

You can incorporate the Power Pose exercise into your daily routine. Before important meetings, presentations, or challenging situations, take a moment to assume the Power Pose and tap into your inner confidence. Over time, this practice can help rewire your mindset and reinforce a strong and self-assured presence.

Speak clearly and assertively

Ensure your voice is clear and audible when speaking. Speak at a moderate pace, and avoid using apologetic or uncertain language.

Also pay attention to your tone of voice, volume, and clarity also contribute to effective communication. Speak clearly and assertively, projecting your voice with confidence and avoiding a monotone delivery.

Confidence in your voice can make a significant impact on how others perceive you.

Go to your happy place 

Imagine a serene and uplifting location in your mind. It could be a beach, a peaceful garden, a cozy cabin, or any place that brings you joy and tranquility. Visualize the surroundings, the colors, and the details.

As you picture your happy place, engage your senses to make it more vivid. Imagine feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing the gentle sounds of nature, smelling the fresh scents in the air, and even tasting something delightful if it’s relevant to your imagined setting.

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a woman is enjoying on the beach

While in this happy place, affirm your self-confidence. Repeat positive statements about yourself and your capabilities. Visualize yourself radiating confidence and accomplishing your goals with ease.

Make it a habit to visit your happy place in your mind whenever you need an instant confidence boost. 

Practice this visualization exercise regularly to reinforce positive emotions and increase your self-confidence over time.

Taking to yourself about what makes you worry or insecure

When you notice yourself experiencing worry or insecurity, it can be helpful to have a conversation with yourself to explore the underlying reasons behind these emotions. Start by asking yourself probing questions about the source of your anxiety or nervousness. For example:

  • Why do I feel anxious about this situation?
  • What is the worst-case scenario that I fear might happen?
  • Are there any past experiences influencing my current feelings?
  • Am I focusing on potential negative outcomes rather than considering positive possibilities?

As you pose these questions, give yourself time to reflect on each one. Then, answer them using logic and reason. Challenge any irrational or distorted thoughts by examining evidence and alternative perspectives. Here are some ways to respond:

  • What evidence do I have that supports my anxious thoughts?
  • Are there any alternative explanations or interpretations that could be more realistic or positive?
  • Have I faced similar situations before and coped successfully?
  • What steps can I take to prepare or mitigate potential challenges?
5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: a person is writing journal

By engaging in this internal dialogue and providing logical answers to your concerns, you can gradually shift your perspective and reduce the intensity of your worry or insecurity. Repeat this process as necessary, continuing the dialogue until you feel more comfortable and confident in the situation.

You can also achieve this through journaling. Check out my list of journal prompts about self-love..

Know that everything will be alright, you are here not to compete but to experience

When faced with worries or insecurities, it’s essential to remind yourself that everything will be alright. Recognize that your purpose in life is not solely about competing with others, but rather about experiencing and embracing your own unique journey. 

Recognize that your worth and success are not dependent on outdoing others but on your personal growth and fulfillment.

5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly: the word "self-esteem"

We mentioned earlier that healthy and nurturing relationships play a significant role in building self-confidence. If you have those relationships in your life, that’s wonderful. However, if you don’t, then be that person.

Be the person who uplifts yourself by constantly reminding yourself of your worth and the purpose of your life. Instead of dwelling on suffering, focus on the beauty of experiencing life. 

Embrace the idea that you are here to grow, learn, and find joy in every moment not to suffer.

Become your own biggest cheerleader, offering encouragement and support to yourself. 

I hope my 5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly have been helpful for you. Building self-confidence is a continuous process, so be patient and kind to yourself along the way.

I would love to hear your tips of how to boost your self confidence in the comments.

4 thoughts on “5 ways to boost your self confidence instantly”

  1. I love Louise Hay!  30 years ago I came across a line in her book You Can Heal Your Life, that said the lack of self-love is the source of every problem in your life.  I was so disgusted, I threw the book across the room.  I thought my life was so much more complex than that.  So stupid.  Of course she was right.

    After beating my head against endless brick walls, I finally relented.  Everything you say is right.  I’ve done all of them over and over and over.  None of them are instant fixes.  None of them go down to the deepest layers, where the trauma is stored away.  None of them are miracle cures.  But they all help dissolve one tiny layer.  Done repeatedly, and collectively, over time, they do indeed help resolve everything.

    Endless hours of self-hypnosis, affirmations, and somatic awareness therapy have helped me a lot.  In the end though, all healing is self-healing.  

    I’ve made enough progress that I can finally devote myself to a Self-Love Practice.  I have some lovely rose quartz prayer beads that I use to say “I Love My Self” over and over every morning.  And it’s become the truth.  I can tell.  My life is becoming a manifestation of my recovery process.

    Thank you for writing this.  We all need all the help we can get.


    1. Louise Hay’s wisdom about self-love being at the core of our challenges might have seemed too simple back then, but as you’ve discovered, it holds a deep truth. Healing isn’t about instant fixes or magic solutions, but rather a process of peeling away those layers one by one.
      Thank you for sharing your experience, Anna. Your words inspire us all to keep working towards our own healing and growth.

  2. This article emphasizes the role of self-awareness and supportive relationships in boosting self-confidence. The “Power Pose” technique and the idea of a mental “happy place” are notable. Is there more to Amy Cuddy’s research on confidence poses? The suggestion of introspection for confronting insecurities is insightful. This piece offers practical ways to enhance self-confidence.

    1. Hi Louis,
      Cuddy’s research shows that striking those big, confident poses could crank up your testosterone (that’s the dominance hormone) and turn down cortisol (the stress hormone). When the whole “Power Pose” idea came out, it got everyone talking in the science world, and there’s been a bunch of back-and-forth on how exactly these effects work. Some later studies dived in deeper, suggesting that the changes in our body might be a bit more complex and tied to specific situations.
      As for the mental “happy place,” it’s a fantastic technique for managing stress and anxiety. By creating a mental sanctuary where you feel calm and secure, you can access those feelings when needed, helping to counteract negative emotions.
      Thank you again for visiting my blog.

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