How To Clear Negative Energy From Home

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Today, I want to delve a bit into the spiritual realm. Let’s discuss how to clear negative energy from your home. Your home is your sanctuary, the one place where you should always feel peace and ease. That’s why maintaining positive energy in your home is a must.

This post doesn’t just apply to extreme cases where you feel your house is overwhelmed by negative energy. In fact, applying the methods mentioned here on a regular basis will help detoxify your house and refresh the environment, benefiting not only you but also contributing to your mental health. So, let’s get started.

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How To Clear Negative Energy From Home

Signs of negative energy in your home

As mentioned, this post isn’t just for when you feel low and drained while staying in your house; you should apply these techniques routinely to reap great benefits.

However, there are certain signs that indicate an excess of negative energy in your house, signaling the need for extra attention. If you don’t have time to perform these techniques regularly, use these signs as warnings to identify when you need to detoxify your home or simply to help a friend when visiting their house.

Feeling Drained or Fatigued

When you’re feeling drained or fatigued in physical or mental health for no specific reasons and the situation persists for a long time.

This could range from many small periods of feeling low during the day to many nights of losing sleep, a drop in productivity; then maybe you need a cleanse for your environment.

Unexplained Mood Swings

Mood swings are usually the symptoms of your mental health taking more than it can handle. In this case, it might be from the impact of negative energy in your house.

Sudden changes in mood without an apparent cause, such as feeling irritable, anxious, or depressed for no reason.

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Persistent Arguments or Tension

If there’s a notable increase in conflicts, disagreements, or tension among household members without a clear trigger, it could be a manifestation of negative energy affecting interpersonal relationships.

Unexplained Breakages or Malfunctions

If many of your household equipment seem to not function properly all at once, then there might be something wrong with the house environment. It also includes electronics acting erratically, the wifi not being as stable as it used to, and things getting broken down.

Plants Dying Prematurely

If you can’t seem to grow anything in your house, then maybe you need some cleanse.

Plants are very sensitive to negative energy. You must have heard about many experiments where they test the impact of human’s emotional interaction with plants. Plants when spoken to with words of kindness and care thrive and grow more healthily, and in contrast, a plant subjected to negative language or harsh treatment often show signs of weakness and ill health.

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How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

There are 2 main ways to clear negative energy from your home . The first is by creating a positive environment by incorporating uplifting and natural components into your house. The second one is to useing energy clreaing techniques (smdging, Sound cleansing, salt cleasing, etc.) We will go through each method one by one.

Creating a positive environment

The Importance of Cleanliness and Organization

One of the simplest things you can do to lighten your house’s energy is to keep it clean and organized. It may seem like a small task, but it has a significant impact on your overall energy. You can try all sorts of spiritual techniques, but if your house is a mess, it’s impossible to make you feel better and lighter.

A small tip for maintaining cleanliness and organization is to establish a routine. For me, I clean throughout my house once a day and do a deep clean on weekends. The act of cleaning the house itself is a form of relaxation and unwinding for me.

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Utilizing Natural Components

Natural light and fresh air are very important. Open your window during the day (or at least in the morning) to let in some sunlight and fresh air. Not only does this help clear out negative energy in your house, but it also freshens the air and cleans out dust and bacteria after a long night.

Plants are also essential. They are not just there for decoration. They absorb CO2 and release fresh O2 for you. The natural vibration of plants and nature is high and nurturing. That’s why keeping plants inside your house, even just a small pot of plants or flowers on your desk, is enough to lighten the atmosphere of the house.

Energy Clearing Techniques

Start with your doors and windows

To keep outside energy from entering your home through doors and windows, you can purify them by making a solution. Mix a bucket of water with the juice from five lemons, one cup of sea salt, and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar.

Use this solution to clean the doorknobs, doors, frames, and windows in your home regularly to maintain their purification.


Smudging is a a centuries-old practice rooted in various cultural traditions. Common materials used for smudging include sage, palo santo, and sweetgrass, each carrying its own unique spiritual significance.

Begin by lighting the sage or palo santo until it begins to smolder, then gently blow out the flame, allowing the smoke to billow forth. You can carry a buring stack of herbs around your house, or just simply burn it in an abalone shell or ceramic bowl.

How To Clear Negative Energy From Home: sage

Some people like to start at the entrance of the house, move around each room and waving the smoke into corners, closets, and doorways. However, the most important thing is to set an intention for cleansing and renewal. As you do it, you can visualize any lingering negativity dissipating and being replaced by positive energy.

Sound Cleansing

Sound Cleansing uses tools such as singing bowls, bells, or chanting. These tools are believed to produce vibrations that resonate with the energy of the environment, effectively dispersing stagnant or harmful energy.

Sound healer Andrea Donnelly stated: “Sound creates an immediate, rather tangible impact on your space. If you think about the power of something like clapping or snapping your fingers, you see how powerful a tool sound is”

‘It’s a wonderful way to get closure after a difficult time and also to cleanse the atmosphere we live in which can become stagnant, especially through winter and periods of bad weather.’ – Suzanne Roynon, Homes & Gardens‘ contributing expert and Feng Shui consultant

You can start by setting your intention for the cleansing, whether it’s to promote peace, clarity, or positivity. Then, begin using your chosen sound tool, allowing the vibrations to fill the space and penetrate every corner. Move mindfully throughout the room, directing the sound towards areas that feel particularly dense or stagnant.

As you work, visualize the sound waves breaking up and dispersing any negative energy, leaving behind a feeling of harmony and balance.

Salt Cleansing

There are various types of salt that can be utilized for this purpose, including sea salt, Himalayan salt, and rock salt. Each type has its own unique characteristics and mineral composition depend on your preference. All is good in absorbing and neutralizing negativity.

How To Clear Negative Energy From Home: Himalayan salt

You can simply sprinkle salt around the area to be purified or create a saltwater solution to be used for washing surfaces. Additionally, taking a salt bath or shower can cleanse the body and aura, leaving one feeling rejuvenated and energetically refreshed.

While mopping the floor, you can add a pinch of sea salt into the water to help remove the negative energy from your house.

Crystal healing

Next I think is a favourite method of many people, including non-spiritual ones. Some popular crystals for this are clear quartz, amethyst, and black tourmaline. Clear quartz is good for making a space feel clean and fresh, amethyst helps calm the mind, and black tourmaline is great for getting rid of negative vibes.

You can use these crystals in your home by placing them in different rooms or carrying them in your pocket. Some people also like to hold them while meditating or sleeping. Just having them around can help make your home feel more peaceful and happy.

Visualization and Intention Setting

Guided visualization techniques are a helpful way to clean up the energy in your home. You can imagine a bright light sweeping through each room, clearing away any negativity and leaving behind a peaceful atmosphere. While you’re visualizing, you can set intentions for what you want your space to feel like, such as calmness or happiness. It’s like telling your home how you want it to be.

Along with this, mindfulness practices could be included into your daily routine to help raise your vibrational frequency. Taking a few moments to breathe deeply and focus on the present can help you stay grounded and content throughout the day.

Maintaining Positive Energy

Yes, we’ve been through all the techniques to cleanse out the negative energy from your house. But we can’t just do these techniques every day; it’s very important to learn how to maintain positive energy in your house. Besides routinely practicing these energy-clearing techniques mentioned above, I want to mention a few tips that help you uphold the positive energy in your house.

The number one tip is setting clear boundaries for yourself.

Setting boundaries here includes the boundaries in the interaction between you and other people, in social situations, or even your internal thoughts and behaviors that may contribute to negative energy.

There are many elements that constitute negative energy that many people may not realize, including toxic relationships, draining environments, or even harmful thought patterns of themselves.

If it relates to another person, you need to communicate these boundaries assertively and respectfully to those involved, expressing your needs and limits without guilt or apology. You can even limit the time you spend with certain people, avoid triggering environments, and implement more self-care practices, taking recovery time alone for yourself after exhausting situations.

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Get yourself exposed to positive energy every day. You can do it simply by listening to an inspiring podcast every morning or before going to sleep. You can create a small garden and tend to it. Or you can simply do it through affirmations, focusing on whatever aspect you want to improve your mood and thinking patterns accordingly.

Spray Orange Essential Oil Around Your Home

There are many studies that have already pointed out the great benefit of orange scents.

For example, research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2012 found that the inhalation of orange essential oil reduced anxiety and improved mood in women undergoing a dental procedure. Another study published in the journal Chemical Senses in 2013 showed that exposure to orange aroma resulted in positive mood changes in both humans and animals.

So, if you find yourself feeling refreshed, happier, and more positive when you encounter the scent of orange, you are not alone. This is a very effective way to maintain and uplift the spirit of your house.

In various holistic practices, including aromatherapy and feng shui, citrus scents like orange are used to clear stagnant energy and create a sense of balance and harmony in living spaces.

You can use methods such as diffusing orange essential oil in your home or workspace, adding a few drops to a bath or massage oil, or simply inhaling the scent directly from fresh orange peels. Additionally, incorporating oranges into your diet can also have mood-boosting effects, as the act of consuming this fruit can evoke feelings of joy and vitality.

You can check out my favorite Navel Orange Salad with Avocado here, which never fails to boost both my mood and energy.

How To Clear Negative Energy From Home: Navel orange salad

Final words

In conclusion, when it comes to how to clear negative energy from home, while techniques like cleansing rituals and setting boundaries are powerful tools for maintaining positive energy in our homes, it’s essential to recognize that our minds are the ultimate arbiters of what we allow into our lives.

When we pay attention to our feelings and pick positive stuff, we make spaces that help us feel good and grow.


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