How to Ignore The 3d Reality – To get what you want faster!

I know it’s easier said than done when it comes to ignoring the 3D reality. The goal is not to completely ignore it, but rather to allow it to pass without causing worry or doubt. If you’re firm enough in your assumption, the 3D, no matter how challenging the circumstances, cannot and will not shake you.

In this post, I aim to delve into the concept of “how to ignore the 3D reality” and provide you with practical tips that can help you truly do it. 

By understanding the principles behind it and implementing the specific strategies I’m about to mention here, you can develop the ability to detach from external circumstances and focus on the power of your imagination to effortlessly manifest your desires.

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How to Ignore the 3D Reality – Understanding the Law of Assumption

Now, let’s get into the basic ideas of this concept in the Law of Assumption.

The Law of Assumption states that everything is you pushed out. 

This simply means that external circumstances do not matter when it comes to your manifestations. 

Your world consists of two layers: the “real” 3D layer and the metaphysical layer composed of energy.

What you see in the 3D right now is the result of your past thoughts, perspectives, and behaviors.

Even if you start to adapt a new change in your thoughts and belief system, it may take some time for these changes to reflect in your reality.We wouldn’t want everything that comes up in our mind to happen in our reality right away (imagine if you’re thinking about an elephant and suddenly an elephant appears out of nowhere in your living room).

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Neville Goddard mentioned many times about the concept of States. According to Neville Goddard, states refer to the different mental and emotional states of being that individuals embody. These states are a reflection of your predominant thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.
It’s important to understand that the law doesn’t take into account whether you love or hate what it reflects back to you. It doesn’t judge or favor you in any way. It simply acts as a mirror, reflecting your internal state.

My tips for Ignoring the 3D

Ignoring the 3D means shifting your attention away from constantly checking for the arrival of your manifestations. In my experiences, it may require a certain degree of self-delusion and brazenness to hold unwavering faith in your desires. 

Here are my helpful tips to help you ignoring the 3D with more ease:

Adopt the “placing an order on Amazon” mindset

When it comes to how to ignore the 3D reality, there is a popular method that many people find very effective, known as the “placing an order” method.

When you make a purchase on Amazon, you place your order with the trust and expectation that the item you’ve chosen will be delivered to you, even though you may not see it physically in front of you at that moment.

how to ignore the 3D reality: an illustration of online shopping

Similarly, in the manifestation process, it’s important to have faith and trust that your desires are on their way to you, even if you can’t see immediate results in the physical world. Just as you don’t constantly worry or doubt whether your package will arrive, you can apply the same level of trust and certainty to your manifestations.

By adopting the “placing an order” mindset, you shift your focus from impatience and doubt to a state of confident expectation.

You release the need to constantly check for immediate results or evidence in the external world and instead hold the belief that your desires are already in the process of manifesting.

Calm your mind

When your mind is calm and centered, you are better able to align with your intentions and standing strong against the current 3D circumstances.

One simple practice is counting down from 100 to 1. This technique helps shift your focus away from external distractions and brings your attention inward. As you count down, allow each number to serve as a cue to release any tension or racing thoughts, allowing your mind to gradually enter a state of calm and relaxation.

Another effective approach is engaging in relaxation practices. These can include deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditations, or mindfulness practices. By intentionally setting aside time for relaxation, you create a space for your mind to unwind and let go of stress or worries about the 3D.

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Read Neville’s teachings and affirmations

To truly embrace the concept of ignoring the 3D reality and focusing on the wish fulfilled, immersing yourself in Neville’s books and affirmations can be immensely beneficial. Neville’s teachings always have the power to remind you of how powerful the Law is. By spending time reading or listening to his teachings, you gain more confidence in the Law. 

My suggestion is to save a few of your favorite recordings or bookmark chapters from his books, and keep them as the pep talks that you will need in times of wavering and getting triggered by the 3D.

In addition to reading Neville’s books, listening to affirmations can be a powerful complement to your practice of ignoring the 3D reality.

This is a very powerful pep talk from my favourite YouTuber, which has always helped me strengthen my beliefs:

An example about how ignoring the 3d helped Neville Goddard got his manifestation:

Neville was originally from Barbados, born into a large farming family in 1905. In 1922, he left the island and moved to the United States.

Years later, when Neville wanted to visit Barbados again, he faced a challenge. Due to certain circumstances, he didn’t have the means to purchase a ticket for the trip.

Instead of focusing on his current circumstances or the lack of money for the trip, he chose to immerse himself in the feeling of already being in Barbados. He visualized and felt the joy of reuniting with his family and experiencing the beauty of the island in Barbados.

How to Ignore The 3d Reality: picture of Neville Goddard

Neville completely ignored the 3D reality that suggested he couldn’t afford the trip or that it seemed impossible at the time. He persisted in his mental state of already having achieved his desire.
Despite the 3D circumstances, Neville Goddard strongly believed that he was already in Barbados. He constantly affirmed to himself and treated it as a fact that “He was already in Barbados.” He trusted that the universe would work out the rest for him.

As Neville held onto this mental state, opportunities began to unfold. One day, he unexpectedly received a letter from an old friend who offered him a free ticket to Barbados. 

Quotes from Neville on how to ignore the 3d reality:

“Denying the evidence of the senses and appropriating the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the way to the realization of your desire.”

“Never accept anything as true and final unless it conforms to the ideal you desire to embody within your world.”

“Your imagination is you yourself, and the world as your imagination sees it is the real world.”

“The world is yourself pushed out. Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just trust that it will.”

“To change the circumstances, you must first change the subjective state. That is, change your concept of yourself. What you think of yourself is what you will experience.”

How to Ignore The 3d Reality: a woman is dreaming

I hope this post has provided you with valuable insights on how to effectively ignore the 3D reality. By mastering these aspects, you can tap into the incredible potential of your subconscious mind and allow your manifestations to unfold effortlessly.

Remember, the Law is straightforward. Trust the process, have unwavering faith, and maintain the knowledge that your desires are already on their way to you. Stay aligned with your intentions and maintain a positive mindset throughout the journey.

I would greatly appreciate hearing your own experiences and techniques for ignoring the 3D reality and manifesting your desires. Please feel free to share your thoughts, insights, and personal stories in the comments section below.

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