Inspiring Law of Assumption Success Stories

Today, I am thrilled to bring you a dose of inspiration. And what better way to ignite that spark than by diving into the captivating Law of Assumption success stories? These stories not only infuse positivity into your life but also reinforce your belief in the transformative power of this universal law. 

I have scoured the internet and handpicked my 5 favorite Law of Assumption success stories that are bound to amaze you  
These stories have it all, from everyday miracles like scoring a cup of coffee to finding your soulmate against all odds. They’re a reminder that we hold the incredible ability to manifest whatever our heart desires. 

So buckle up and get ready to be inspired!

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Law of Assumption Success Stories

Neville Goddard ‘s manifestation Barbados trip

In Neville Goddard’s lectures, he often shared a story about how he first used the Law of Assumption to manifest a trip to his hometown island of Barbados. It was one of the first times Neville really put the Law of Assumption into practice to manifest his desires.

Back then, Neville had a strong desire to visit Barbados, but he lacked the funds to make the trip.

He approached Abdullah, expressing his deep longing to go back home and his financial limitations.

Abdullah was an Ethiopian Jewish Mystic residing in New York City. For a solid five years, Abdullah mentored Neville, imparting profound wisdom about the Law, Kabbalah, and the deeper significance of biblical scriptures.

Abdullah’s response was profound. He told Neville, “You are in Barbados.”

Law of Assumption success stories: picture of Abdullah and Neville Goddard

Abdullah instructed Neville to mentally place himself in Barbados, to see it, smell it, and experience it in his imagination. Neville was to sleep each night with the assumption that he was already in his homeland. And so, Neville followed Abdullah’s guidance and lived in the mental state of being in Barbados.

Despite Neville’s faithful adherence to this practice, November came around, and nothing seemed to have changed.

Neville expressed his concerns to Abdullah, seeking answers. However, Abdullah turned his back and refused to entertain discussions about the “how” of Neville’s journey to Barbados.

Abdullah emphasized that as long as Neville’s mind was already in Barbados, there was no need to worry or discuss the “how”.

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Then, on the 3rd of December, Neville received a letter from his brothers inviting him home for Christmas. To Neville’s surprise, the letter contained $50, enclosed by his brother to help him buy a ticket.

Neville now had the funds for his trip to Barbados.

But the story didn’t stop there.

When Neville rushed to the Furness Line to purchase his ticket, he was informed that only third-class tickets were available. However, Abdullah reassured Neville that he would be traveling first-class, regardless of what the Furness Line had told him.

And as fate would have it, on the day of the trip, Neville was informed that someone had canceled their first-class ticket, and he was upgraded to first class for the journey to Barbados. It unfolded exactly as Abdullah had taught him—to affirm his desired outcome and not waver in the face of circumstances.

Isn’t it incredible how Neville’s unwavering assumption and Abdullah’s teachings led to the manifestation of his trip to Barbados?

The man changed his body shape just by using imagination

Another captivating addition to the list of Law of Assumption success stories is an inspiring story I stumbled upon while browsing Reddit.

This man shared on Reddit that he had always had a curvy body type. During high school, his weight fluctuated during puberty, causing him to gain weight especially around his hip and thigh area.

This extra weight had a significant impact on his life, especially when it came to shopping for pants. It was like a never-ending nightmare. Either the pants fit in the thigh and hip area but were way too big in the waist, or they fit in the waist but were uncomfortably tight elsewhere.

He had tried every kind of dieting and exercising in the past, but he never felt satisfied with how his body looked.

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But then, a light bulb went off in his head.

He had been studying the Law of Assumption for over a year, and he realized he had been using it all wrong when it came to his body type. Instead of focusing on what he didn’t want, he decided to turn things around and use the Law differently

So, here’s what he did: He didn’t follow a strict visualization routine but instead visualized what he truly wanted before bed.

He asked himself, “What do I want to see? What do I want to be true?”

And from there, the visualizations naturally flowed.

He imagined himself checking himself out in the mirror and loving how his pants fit his body. That was it. This simple image implied that his body type had changed, and standard-cut men’s pants would hang off his body just the way he desired. It was a shift in feeling behind a similar image that made all the difference.

He visualized this scene a few times over a couple of nights, without putting pressure on passing it to his subconscious mind or any of that stuff. He simply saw what he wanted to see and felt how he wanted to feel.

In addition to visualization, he would occasionally ask himself, “What do I want to think?” He wanted to think that he was losing weight like crazy and that he looked hot. So, while walking by the mirror or after a shower, he would gaze at himself and think, “Dang, I am losing weight like crazy! I look so good.” He showered himself with compliments, knowing that it could only benefit him.

Law of Assumption success stories: a man is looking at a mirror

And guess what? Pretty quickly after adopting this new mindset, his girlfriend started jokingly telling him he was too skinny. She had noticed the changes in his body, which boosted his confidence.

But here’s the real kicker: One day, as he was getting ready for work, he put on his usual pair of pants, and they were falling off him! He had to tighten his belt to keep them up. Just a few weeks ago, he couldn’t even wear those pants without a belt.

Later, he went shopping and bought another pair of pants in a smaller size, a size he previously would’ve been too afraid to try on. And guess what? They fit perfectly, just like he had imagined weeks prior. Talk about elation!

Law of Assumption success stories: image of new clothes

As the days went by, he noticed that even that size he had picked out was becoming too big. The pants were practically falling off him. Now he needs to go back to the store and get an even smaller size. How amazing is that?

Now, let’s address any skepticism here.

He wants to clarify that this transformation wasn’t solely a result of physical effort. He never counted calories, didn’t own a scale, and didn’t follow a strict exercise regimen. He exercised for fun, when he felt like it, and indulged in pizza whenever the mood struck.

The only significant change in his daily life was his assumption and mindset.

You can read his post on Reddit here.

Another story of how the Law of Assumption help heal thyroid conditions

This is the exact story from this account:

“Healed my dad‘s thyroid condition! 

Omg you guys, this is so amazing. I just got off the phone with my dad and I‘m still giddy about this all, so I‘m sorry if I‘m rambling.

My dad suffered two severe heart attacks within five years, barely survived the second one. With all the medication he had to take, his thyroid one day stopped working propperly and he lost so much weight, he was a walking skeleton. Back then I didn‘t know about Neville, so all I could do was cross my fingers and pray.

With the additional medication and radiation treatement, he got a bit better. Then last October he cought Covid. I‘ve been deep into Neville by then and kept affirming and revising that he’s healthy. My dad‘s high risk and with Covid, you never know – but he got better within a week, never had to go to the hospital, and on his birthday was able to leave the bed for the first time in ten days. I was so happy! My affirmations worked!

But his thyroid still wasn‘t working properly. He suffered. At the end of February, doctors told him he needed radiation treatment again because the meds weren‘t working out. I wanted to visit my family a week later, but they told me he‘d be at the hospital all week in isolation. I wanted him to be better, to be healthy and happy, so I revised even further and demanded (yes, because I am God) that his condition improves, that it‘s working this time.

So back to the phone call I just had with him. He went in for pre-appointements, blood tests and everything, and two days later his doctors canceled everything. They told him his thyroid stats were completely normal all of a sudden, and that he didn‘t have to take any of his medication for them anymore. Dad told me he‘s feeling amazing, and that he just has to take one single heart medication.

I‘m blown away. It‘s all so real and it works. I‘m more than grateful. I don‘t even have words for it, and tbh I cried a bit.”

Law of Assumption Success Stories: screenshot of the story shared on Reddit

A few key point we got from this story

Now we gonna get some insight from these Law of Assumption success stories.

In this story, despite not knowing about Neville’s teachings initially, he relied on their faith, crossing their fingers, and praying for his dad’s well-being.

And when he learned about the power of affirmation and revision, he began affirming and revising that his dad was healthy, even during his battle with Covid.

This story once again reminds us of the power of revision, demonstrating that we can truly change any circumstance, regardless of whether it has already occurred. Through consistent revision, he revised his dad’s health condition, even rejecting the notion of needing further treatment.

His unwavering focus on his dad’s well-being played a crucial role in the miraculous turnaround.

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Oprah ‘s Law of Assumption Success Stories

One famous individual who has embraced the principles of the Law of Assumption is the renowned author and speaker, Oprah Winfrey. Throughout her career, Oprah has openly shared her belief in the power of positive thinking and manifestation.

One notable success story in Oprah’s life is her journey to become a media mogul. Despite coming from a challenging background and facing numerous obstacles, Oprah held onto her vision of success and used the Law of Assumption to manifest her dreams.

Law of Assumption success stories: Oprah Winfrey

Through her talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Oprah visualized herself as a successful host, impacting the lives of millions around the world.

She affirmed and believed that her show would become a transformative platform for sharing knowledge, inspiring others, and creating positive change.

Oprah’s unwavering faith and determination, coupled with her relentless pursuit of her vision, led to tremendous success.

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” became one of the most influential talk shows in history, reaching millions of viewers and earning Oprah widespread acclaim and recognition.

Law of Assumption success stories: picture of The Oprah Winfrey Show

But Oprah’s success didn’t stop there.

She went on to establish her own media company, Harpo Productions, and launched the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) television network. Through these ventures, she continued to shape the media landscape, championing uplifting and empowering content that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Oprah’s story exemplifies the power of the Law of Assumption and the profound impact it can have on one’s life.

By maintaining a clear vision, believing in oneself, and taking inspired action, she transformed her dreams into reality, becoming a true icon of success and inspiration for millions of people globally.

Serena Williams ‘s road to success

One notable figure who has exemplified the power of the Law of Assumption is Serena Williams, the legendary professional tennis player.

Serena’s remarkable journey to become one of the greatest athletes of all time is a testament to her unwavering belief in her abilities and the power of visualization.

Law of Assumption success stories: picture of Serena Williams

Throughout her career, Serena has many times share her Law of Assumption success stories especially how she manifested her desired outcomes on the tennis court.

She consistently visualizes herself as a champion, seeing herself lifting trophies, executing powerful shots, and dominating her opponents. Serena holds a clear vision of success in her mind, believing that she is already a champion before stepping onto the court.

This mindset has propelled Serena to win an impressive number of Grand Slam titles, including multiple victories at prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon and the Australian Open. Her unparalleled success and dominance in the sport have cemented her status as one of the greatest tennis players in history.

Beyond her remarkable achievements, Serena also serves as an inspiration for her resilience and ability to overcome adversity. She has faced personal challenges and setbacks throughout her career but maintains a positive mindset and a strong belief in her ability to bounce back and achieve new heights of success.

Serena’s story reminds us that the Law of Assumption can be applied in any area of life, not just in sports. By cultivating a strong belief in ourselves, visualizing success, and taking consistent action towards our goals, we too can manifest our desires and achieve extraordinary results.


As we conclude this exploration of Law of Assumption success stories, we are left in awe of the immense power within each and every one of us. These stories serve as vivid reminders that we have the ability to shape our reality and manifest our deepest desires.

Remember, the Law of Assumption is a universal principle available to all. It is not limited to the few but accessible to everyone who is willing to embrace its teachings and harness its power. So, go forth with the knowledge that you possess the ability to manifest your desires and create a life filled with abundance and fulfillment.

I would love to hear about your Law of Assumption success stories. Feel free to leave me your story or any comments.

Until the next time, take care!

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  1. Such wonderful and inspiring stories and wonderful to see proof that the law of assumption can work really well if applied properly. I love the story of the man trying to lose weight, and who managed to do it simply by altering his mindset. You have inspired me to really look at working more on gaining a positive mindset, and I know you need to work on this every day to avoid those negative thoughts creeping in. 

    1. I’m glad to hear that you found the stories inspiring! The power of the law of assumption and a positive mindset is truly remarkable.
      You’re absolutely right that maintaining a positive mindset requires consistent effort. Just like physical exercise, working on our mental outlook is an ongoing process.
      Surrounding yourself with good vibes, like using positive affirmations, hanging out with uplifting people, or doing things that make you happy, can really help you keep that positive attitude going strong!

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